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When I got my pass at SFNE in December they were pretty sure but not 100%. Finally bought into the monthly... thing.

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^Yep. Plastered all over our social media and on our Home page yesterday. Nice to see our members are on top of what we're posting. :p
Only social media I have now is Instagram and it wasn't on there and my bookmark on Safari takes me straight to the forums so yeah i didn't see it.


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^Just a joke bud. I don't think 80% of our active members saw it TBH. Like you they're all involved in the Forums more than following our social media or website, which is as it should be and totally fine by me. Our website and social media isn't designed to reach our active members, but rather to reach a wider audience and attract new ones.


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Icon at BPB has had some station setup changes. First of all, they have moved the wristband scanner to near the airgates, but best of all there is now a front row queue!

There isn't really any other major changes in the park, besides the rearranging of the Kiss me Quick shop under Flying Machines, and the removal of the façade of the Bowl-a-Drome.


I was at the pleasure beach just for an hour this morning, I noticed in the station for Icon that the back row had a separate queue with a larger height restriction. Is that fast pass / wheelchair access or can you actually wait for the back row?

I also read that Icon actually went down today, is that true?


From repeated experiences last year, I think that is going to be the lard queue, though anyone can join it I presume.
There is now a front seat queue as well.
Lots of rides down yesterday, my first visit today, so will bitch later.


No need I just got back myself. I'm so glad that I didn't pay to get in today, I'm sure pleasure beach will be hit with complaints. I only wanted to go on Icon a few times as I was passing before work, it was down which is fair enough not everything goes to plan all the time. I didn't really want to go on anything else so had a walk around. The Ghost train was shut ( which was advertised in all fairness) thought I'll just have a go on valhaVal, but noticed the main waterfalls wasn't working so presumed that was down to. Then walk over to Grand National to find it's not even open. Thought I had to go on one thing before leaving, went over to big dipper, which was E stopped in the lift hill. If I didn't have a season pass I'd want my money back!


Yup, pretty poor operations today.
Managed Icon, Steeplechase and Streak in the first hour, met up with mates for a beer, then things went rather downhill.
Icon down, Big One on one with massive queue, ditto Infusion, no Sky force or National, Dipper running well on 2, but a good job as it had a long queue. Then we watched the P.B.Express (train) break down as well!
National never opened despite repeated testing.
With so many rides down, queues were slow due to the number of exit passes.
Finished off queueing for Icon after reopening, and after an hours queue, it broke down again, kicked out of the queue without exit pass.
We managed a fun day due to the good company, food and beer, but let down by constant operational failures.


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Icon went down due to a knackered sensor on the first LSM section at about 2ish.

I can sympathise to a point about unforeseen breakdowns but there seemed to be an air of unpreparedness about the place on what may have been an unprecedented attendance for Pleasure Beach on opening day.

Infusion though? Quite liked it!


Icon went down twice, a.m. and p.m.
I would guess at two hours opening all day.
No sky force or National all day...they aren't breakdowns.


I think they should of left it another week before opening this year. The rides obviously weren't ready. I suppose they never expected the massive crouds, but it's a major theme park. I sat by Icon watching the staff turn away people for about 45 minutes hoping it would get testing again, but no joy. Hopefully next weekend will be better, they have a week to everything up to scratch, let's hope they make the most of it


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There are always two ways of looking at it - yeah, it was super busy which is annoying if you want lots of rerides, but it's great to see the park doing so well in February and hopefully they're going to have a great year!