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Six Flags Great Escape | The Bobcat | Gravity Group Wooden Family Coaster | 2024


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Well, this was a long time coming… but Six Flags Great Escape has announced the retirement early this morning of Alpine Bobsleds after years of prolonged mechanical issues;

While it’s sad to see one of the last Intamin Bobsleds bite it, this hopefully signals that they’ll get something deserved to replace it. Lots of interesting things swirling around from Six Flags lately so excited to see what the future holds.


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Tweeting this at 4 am?
Trying to bury it before the news day? Haha ... that's like getting your mom or dad to quickly sign your report card before they have woken fully up as you run out to the bus!

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Sad to see this go but it basically never operated so not a shock. Doubt it'll get any sort of coaster replacement. This park might as well not exist with regards to investments since it already has a stranglehold as the only park in a resort destination there's no need.


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I think six flag realizes that for a fairly small park it is a significant move to axe the bobsleds, so I think we'll get some sort of coaster replacement, even if it is a P'sghetti bowl coaster with some other kids rides for a mini area, like a disk'o and some flat rides.


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Currently posted on the bottom of the park website's homepage... Great Escape is getting a new ride!


Immediate first guess is that this'll be a family Gravity Group, probably in Bobsleds location. I'm sure we'll see more soon. Shoutout Six Flags I.T.!
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Could we merge this with the Alpine Bobsleds retirement thread?

Friend of mine was up there today and got some photos of active surveying work happening on the site;


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Well... been debating about doing an ungodly day trip this weekend for the bobsled... this just got interesting.
Well... been debating about doing an ungodly day trip this weekend for the bobsled... this just got interesting.

If there's one droplet of rain within 30 miles of the park, don't even bother! I got in line three times and as soon as one sprinkle came from the sky, it closed. They also only seemed to be opening it for partial parts of the day (it was shut the entire first day except the last few hours of operations on Sunday). I eventually got on it, and thankfully I hovered around the entrance because it was a long line.

Also, this will be a fantastic addition to the park! Excited to see an official announcement.


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So if Six Flags already has a junior wood coaster in Chicago ......I wonder what will make this the first of its kind at a Six Flags park, per the description

But also, hooray for the first US woodie since Texas Stingray!


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This is good, obviously, and I was going to be passing by Lake George next year for my anniversary trip with the husbando.
But my selfish, western-NY ass can't help but think, "surely, Darien Lake will be getting some love too, right?"

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"surely, Darien Lake will be getting some love too, right?"
As a fellow Western NY'er, not a chance. we've got 5 more years before we're due for a low capacity coaster that doesn't fill a hole in the parks lineup.
As for Bobcat, I'll believe it when it opens. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen something like this "announced" for a NY Six Flags on their website only to dissappear into the ether never to be seen again. The markers are definitely a bit more convincing but it's no guarentee. This park has an 18 year cred drought and seems to barely get additions since it has a monopoly on theme parks in a pretty big resort area.

Still if this does happen it's super on brand for their first cred in 18 years to be a family coaster. hopefully if it's real it's at least a GG family woodie since those pack a punch.


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The Bobcat - Opening 2024
The Bobcat Stats & Fun Facts:
• Seating: (2) 12 passenger trains
• Coloring: Natural wood coaster
• Lift Height: 55.4 feet
• Speed: Nearly 40 mph
• Capacity: 12 people per cycle
• Track: 1,412 feet
• Total Cycle Time: 126 seconds
• Rider Height: 42” with person of responsibility, 48” to ride alone
• Design and Engineering: The Gravity Group LLC

The Bobcat Features:
• Revolutionary Timberliner trains provide enjoyable rider experience;
• Innovative shock absorption and padding system for smooth ride negotiation;
• Custom ride theming;
• Adventurous mix of speed, airtime, twists and turns;
• First wooden roller coaster in New York since 1999.

Overview of the The Bobcat:
• With its state-of-the art trains, adrenaline-pumping airtime, smooth twists and quick turns; The Bobcat brings a thrilling family coaster addition to the Six Flags Great Escape coaster line-up for both coaster beginners and long-time enthusiasts.
The Bobcat Artist Rendering 1.jpg
The Bobcat Artist Rendering 2.jpg
The Bobcat Artist Rendering 3.jpg
The Bobcat Artist Rendering 4.jpg
The Bobcat Artist Rendering 5.jpg
The Bobcat Artist Rendering 6.jpg
The Bobcat Logo.jpg