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Six Flags Fiesta Texas | Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger | B&M Dive Coaster | 2022


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What a disappointment.
It's crazy that we can see parks invest in rides like this which, whilst not the most innovative or the most exciting, still look good on the whole, and this can be the first reaction for some people.

Looks decent. Layout is good for a Dive and it feels like it will compliment the park's line up well. The "steepest dive machine" tagine is weird, but Six Flags gotta Six Flags I guess.

I love the name though. So hilariously cheesey.


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I love Oblivion (unfortunately the majority of my coaster experiences have been in the UK, apart from DLP), but I was hoping for something a bit more cutting edge, as it is the 30th anniversary, and it’s the US. But, I bet this will be an amazing ride nonetheless.


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That looks to be the "mini" dive coaster track that they use on the newer European 6-seat per row dive coasters, so I'm going to assume the reason for the 7-seat rows is that was the widest train that the smaller track could support and six flags wanted to squeeze that one seat per row more throughput or B&M themselves had a revelation or something. Obviously to have the 8-seat+ rows you'd have to have the proper dive machine track like Griffon etc. and that'd need a bigger coaster and higher cost in any case.


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^Precisely that. I have a feeling they wanted an 8-seater, but didn't have the space or budget to pull that off. So an extra seat per row + MCBR is what they ended up with.

I'm pretty much loving the addition here. Layout isn't really the best, but it's fine for the workable space. Kinda wish there was a third inversion in the 2nd "half" though. I think they were touting that this was 5 years in the making, and 4.5 of those were probably spent convincing B&M to make a beyond vertical drop 😆


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Am I the only person that doesn't hate the 'Cliffhanger' name? I think it makes enough sense tbh, a steep drop and a moment of hanging.

Ride itself looks meh but happy that B&M have stepped a little out of their norm. 95 degree drop and that incredibly tight airtime hill don't actually look bad tbh.


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Looks like someone forgot to run the smoother on the POV before release :p

I think it looks mint tbh, the beyond vertical drop and very pointy airtime hill are interesting developments for B&M and the layout looks to flow nicely.

I wonder if Walter and Claude Jrs. have been given a bit more say? Maybe that stand-up patent is gonna lead to something more interesting than originally thought?


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Huh, didn't know Six Flags had that amount of money to throw around these days. I thought even a copy of the B&M brochure (the black/white edition printed on recycled paper) would be beyond their means. Nice to be proven wrong.

At 45.7 meters tall, I think this is the (EDIT: second) tallest coaster Six Flags has built from the ground up since 2014 (SFGAm Goliath and EDIT: Maxx Force), and one of their tallest overall since the financial crisis. It is also their first gravity-driven (lift hill, no mid-course launch) coaster with an MCBR since 2006, if I'm not mistaken.

Likewise, it's good to see B&M not being idle. They've currently got four built-but-not-open coasters (two of which are actually awaiting opening) and only one coaster under construction, a Wing coaster in China which may also be nearing completion at this point. It's nice to have concrete news of more B&Ms being underway, as I had previously expressed some concerns about their future prospects, particularly outside China. And it's even a beyond-vertical Dive Machine, we haven't seen those before.


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Seems alright - very good for the locals, but probably not something that is going to draw me all the way to the Texan parks. We’ve seen minor variations on this model for a long time now, although this does look to be one of the best variants if not the best.

The Texan parks are lacking a mega-mega pull for me compared to the obvious ‘east coast+’ destinations, which I haven’t been to. I’m not sure it’s exciting enough to draw those well-travelled enthusiasts from afar that have been there before.

What a funky name though… goofy!
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