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Slut for Spinners
That's legit what their home page looks like right now. Although RMC has been involved in a ton of projects that involved rides designed by other companies. It could relate to a past project, even if it was just as handful of employees involved before the company was even formed.


Roller Poster
Based off of.....?

Just a prediction. Since New Texas Giant came out, each SF's park's next custom coaster has been an RMC. So it that pattern holds, and if SFA is getting a coaster, it makes a raptor a good bet since no markings whatsoever have been seen on Roar.

The new electric infrastructure is hefty enough to support a launch, to the point where anything other than a launch would make the infrastructure look overbuilt. The prototype raptor had a launch so we know it's mechanically feasible, and the raptors seem like perfect candidates for launches.

Recent job postings from SFA for PLC Techs specifically request experience with medium voltage and ABB ac/dc motors.

But in short, recent history points to SF buying RMCs for their Parks before other products, and work at the park points to heavy duty electrical infra. Put them together, launched raptor. I don't actually think it's the most likely thing but I do like making dark horse predictions.