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Silverwood | Stunt Pilot | RMC Raptor | 2021

Scott Lannigan

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Yeah I gotta admit I much prefer the intensity of the first two raptors. This and JD seem to be much more graceful through their layouts.
They still look like great coasters and they're still fast, but I've just built up an expectation from the first two that these things are made to be insane. I suspect it's to do with the longer trains


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I actually think it's down to the re-designed wheel bogies. These new Raptors have spring-loaded wheels like the hybrid coaster trains, unlike the original Raptor trains that just had fixed wheels. This should make the coaster smoother, but will also likely cause more friction as all the wheels are being forced to touch the track, naturally slowing the coaster down.

Thorpe Park Teem

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I can't believe that this ride is going to be open BEFORE Jersey Devil. We didn't know about this ride until AFTER JD started construction.


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Brand new, exclusive, shot from @Scottingtonville, who's at Silverwood currently getting loads of lovely content for CF. Here's a sneak peak of the goodness he'll be posting in the next few days:



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I agree this does look more "normal." I wonder if this is how the prototypes were intended to ride, and when they tested them Schilke was actually thinking "Oh damn...whoops." Or the client may have asked for them to tone it down. Or this is just early footage and it will run faster.


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Does anyone know why some bolts are missing on the track connector plates, both on this and Jersey Devil? (Can be seen on the image posted by @Hixee.)

Also, I have to be honest I think the general build quality of these new Raptors is lower than the prototypes, it seems like RMC have cut some corners to me. Wonky lift hills/brake runs and bad track joints seem noticeable on both new Raptors.


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I'd leave the build quality comments to people who know what they're talking about.

If Tremors and Aftershock weren't a good enough reason to go to Silverwood, then this should hit home what a great 3 coaster punch this place has. And Timber Terror ain't bad either. I honestly didn't think I'd look into going back for while after 2016, but I'm really tempted to do my PNW trip again.