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Silverwood | Stunt Pilot | RMC Raptor | 2021


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I think I'm also predicting an Air Race at this point, or a Gerstlauer Sky Fly/Roller. I am perhaps leaning towards a Sky Roller since they made a big deal about the fact the Skyline will look much different, which makes me think Sky Roller since they are essentially tower rides of a reasonable height. Either that or a Super Air Race imo.

Joeri Dewitte

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I hope it is a new Vekoma STC, ass I have ridden Hals-über-Kopf and it was realy great/smooth suspended coaster with 2 airtime moments and 4 inversions, a park like silverwood would realy benefit of a larger coaster like that for the whole family.
There were pretty clear indications this would be a coaster. Glad I was right. Being an enthusiast, I have made it down to ride Railblazer, but I’m so excited for the Pacific Northwest to be getting a modern steel coaster like this. The vast majority of people going to Silverwood will have never even heard of the other raptor clones, let alone ridden one. This is going to be a massive hit.


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In my (uninformed) opinion, those expecting a coaster should prepare to be disappointed. All they have said is "new ride", not even "major new ride" let alone any hint at a rollercoaster.
Hahaha well when you're wrong you're wrong! Great news that the world is getting another one of these, I just hope Europe catches on.


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