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Social Media Team
Yessss Apocalypse.

I’ve given up getting WCR in November but I’d have been pissed if it meant Apoc was shut as well.


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ZzZzz, was gonna go to the park today....but since WCR never opened and I'm feeling lazy, I'm just gonna go to Knott's Berry Farm instead. ? ...save myself the drive through LA
New Ghostrider <3 ; makes the trip well worth it.

There's a part of me that wonders, what if, after all this time, the West Coast Racer was in us the entire time?


We're in the little hotel next to Magic Mountain looking forward to heading up there today for the first time in two years, but am gutted wcr isn't open. All year I've thought surely, even with the slow progress, it'd be open by now. Ah well, I'll put up some photos if anyone wants to see anything.

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Last update I saw showed that uprights were installed for the station but it still didn't have a roof. Honestly, it's getting impressive that the ride still isn't complete.


This is what it looked like on Sunday, nowhere near done and the station roof still isn't on. It's also made it a right pain to get to Apocalypse.

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It's quite clear the park have stopped caring about getting it open this year at this point...

I reckon it will open around February/March at the rate they are current going.