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Serengeti-Park | Gozimba | RES Air loop | 2024


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It's been two months since the track was completed. Unfortunately, there's still no news about an opening date. Has anyone seen it testing yet?


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Progress is being made very slowly. Today there were a total of 1 worker on the site while I took a quick glimpse.
He was using the crane at the bottom right. I wasn't able to get a hold of him but it looked to me as if he was working on the wiring of the transfer track

Also some track pieces are still missing their electricity contacts.
I could be wrong but don't see it opening this year to be honest. Earliest 2024 I'd say. I don't know the reason for the possible delay but I'm sure the park wants to open it as soon as possible like they've advetised. But sadly it won't be in the very near future.
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Same here. I'm from north of Hamburg and would've taken the hassle of driving there through the construction of Elbtunnel. But now its Hansa-Park again. I really love the Gerstlauer SkyFly and looking forward to this.


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Ride Review has gone in and done a lengthly interview and construction tour. I can't speak German and don't pretend to understand it, but the fever dream Sky Roller train can be seen on the track below. The coaster tour segment starts at this timestamp;

Another source states that the coaster's opening is at long last scheduled for the May 24-26 weekend, coinciding with the park's 40th anniversary.

In the meantime the new Samburu Moto debuted with the park's seasonal opening last weekend, here be the ride in action;