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SeaWorld Orlando | Pipeline: The Surf Coaster | B&M Surf Coaster | 2023


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Thought the surf coaster was a launch coaster. I think it could open next year if ice breaker opens this year. Because if ice breaker opens this year, what will they build in 2021? Because they can’t just plan something last minute. Though there is a good chance ice breaker will get delayed


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I would assume this is more than *just* a launch coaster.

Find it difficult to imagine that any park that wants a launch coaster would go to B&M for one, given how saturated the market for them is.

Obviously could be wrong, but I'm intrigued to see what else there could be behind this.

Matt N

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Ooh, won’t that be exciting whenever it comes! Thunderbird gets very good reviews, so I was always mystified as to why B&M had sold no more launched roller coasters besides a Hulk-style coaster with the same tire launch technology as the original. But it would seem like our wait for another launched B&M may soon be over!

Matt N

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You never know; I think the chances of a vaccine being available by the end of 2020 are definitely increasing, and a vaccine will be the way out of this.

Once the pandemic is over, I think people will be quite keen to go back to Orlando and other touristy places. Besides, I get the impression that SeaWorld is now aiming for a more regional crowd these days as opposed to the touristy crowd like Disney & Universal get, so they should be less affected in the long term, in theory. The company has said that it has sufficient cash to last them until the end of 2021 even if the parks remained closed; considering some of their properties are either open again or planning to reopen very soon, I think they will be fine for the time being.
So, I wasn't sure if this would be in a new thread, cause maybe 2021 isn't the year of the new Surf Coaster. But, in a suprise, we are getting an announcement tomorrow...


Now, people are saying Electric Ocean or Light Up the Night will return, but... Thoughts?


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It's definitely going to be regarding an event.

Busch Gardens did the exact same thing a few days ago regarding a fireworks event. I don't think they would be in a position to start to tease an attraction opening in 2021 when they haven't even got their 2020 attractions open yet ?