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Sea World Australia | Leviathan | Gravity Group | 2022


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Video from the bottom of the first hill:

There is also this Blog that looks back at the construction highlights:


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wow I don't think till now I appreciated how much coaster they have managed to fit in such a small space, I'm getting boardwalk bullet vibes. I love how it goes over and under itself so much which should give some great head choppers.


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The layout actually looks really good. Never looked at it properly until now.

Such a beautiful coaster aesthetically too.


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Really like the look of this, especially with how compact it is. Looks like you'll have some great interaction with the main lift structure.


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Some great up close shots of Leviathan from a Parkz news article, see the full article below and it's an interesting read. Not much is happening on site currently with only a few workers there until it ramps up early next year for the 2022 opening.

Some of the pictures from the article:

The trains are on site and they look great.



That first drop looks pretty steep.

The station will be fully enclosed when built and its stated that Sea World really hopes to make an impact with Leviathan in the theming department with the final themed ride being vastly different from the initial artists impressions. .

The main entrance and exit passes through the structure.

Near-vertical banking.

There's a total of ten crossover points.

The ride has quite a few airtime hills and moments of negative g-forces, around 20 in total.

More great pictures.



Also Trident is ready for its installation once Leviathan is at a stage where the two projects won't obstruct each other.
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So last week Sea World quietly pushed back the opening date of Leviathan and Trident to September 3 despite a promised Easter 2022 debut. It's no secret that the whole Atlantis precinct timeline took a hit from COVID, and the park has kept on setting precise dates to advertise for season pass sales only to continue pushing the ride back. This hasn't happened once, but multiple times over the last 18 months. Needless to say, people are getting fed up and the park had to release a statement; https://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.a...e/news-story/614d1c75274e71df91d83ef3dccd9707

Delays at SeaWorld’s $50 million theme park upgrade will enter a second year after the park postponed the opening for the third time due to shipping delays.

The New Atlantis was set to feature two new attractions, including the Leviathan and the Trident.

The new attractions were originally due to launch in ‘mid-2021’, however was pushed back due to unavoidable transport problems caused by the pandemic.

Village Roadshow Theme Parks communications boss Mitchell Olivey said shipping delays due to Covid-19 was the main factor to why it was pushed back.

“Our domestic team and international partners were severely impact by shipping delays that have changed our delivery timeline for the Leviathan and Trident attractions at the New Atlantis precinct at Sea World,” he said.

Mr Olivey said the new opening date was September 3 for both of the attractions.

“This new timeline will also allow our team to add additional improved thematic elements to the precinct which will be a truly world-class experience for guests at Sea World.”

Fans hearing about the delay have expressed their disappointment online.

“I got passes last year so the kids could go in this Xmas. Some delay is OK till Easter but passes will have expired by then,” Sean Delaney wrote.

Shipping delays and COVID are understandable excuses, especially in Australia. However, it must be pointed out that multiple Australian parks have launched and completed major projects from scratch in the time that Sea World has largely taken baby steps with the ride since the bulk of construction was completed. And then there's the can of worms regarding the pass holders, who've debatably been treated indifferently on the progress of the rides that they were paying for ever since the topspin opening was fumbled in 2019. It's slightly infuriating.


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september 3 is edgeing uncomfortably close to the date I'm moving from australia to LA... potential rip


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Some recent drone shots of the coaster, the station building has been enclosed but hopefully these building get some theming on the outside, shame its been delayed as not much has really been done.




It appears that part of queue is enclosed and will hopefully be themed inside.


A water feature has also been added.