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Rollbacks. Why?


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Wow...I honestly must have been there on a horrendously off day for TTD 4 years ago. Every other launch was a rollback! The best time though was a guy and his girlfriend were on the ride and the girl was on the verge of spazzing out. So my friend and I started shouting "oh no, it's not gonna make it" to get this girl completely freaked out. Well, it had a rollback and we hadnt moved from our spot, so we saw the girl again. She was crying and screaming to be let off the ride. At this point the boyfriend looked over at us and said when he gets off that ride he was going to kick our ass! We lazily walked off as the ride launched again. That girls screams of utter terror were loud that time :3

Oh yea, I was a complete ass that day watching TTD. I honestly believe my friend and I wasted a good half an bour just messing with people :) Ahh....memories :D

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