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Riyadh Winter Wonderland | Sky Loop | Premier Sky Rocket II | 2022


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Nice to see Mellors purchasing something like this... Gives me hope that maybe Fantasy Island may be blessed with one at some point.

What I want to know is how is it a Guinness World record... Maybe something along the lines of world's tallest/only portable multi-launch roller coaster?
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"world’s first and largest mobile skyloop" 🤷‍♂️
It's worth noting that right now the structure is bolted to what appear to be temporary steel footers, which in turn are bolted to the concrete.
Of course, these could always be swapped out for the grid base that is so common with traveling coasters, a la what SFDK's Superman: Ultimate Flight has. Then again, it was built on a concrete pad that had previously housed a Gerstlauer spinning coaster without concrete footers, which in turn had occupied a concrete base once set up for Zonga, which in turn once again began its life as a traveling coaster. Point is, Superman could have travelled, idk, if somebody with more knowledge on Premier Rides lore than myself could interject that'd be great.

Or I could be very completely off about this. Only time will tell.


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I’m in Riyadh today and hoping to get to winter wonderland tonight. Will see if it’s open.

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I’m in Riyadh today and hoping to get to winter wonderland tonight. Will see if it’s open.
Word of warning, I’m hearing that prices for this thing are obnoxious, sitting around $20 per ride. Also hearing that they’ve opted for comfort collars on this thing, although whether those are trouble is up to you. Somebody also vaguely mentioned a dual loading station on Reddit, not sure if we’re talking a sliding track a la Zombie Ride but the prospect intrigues me.