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Rita vs Stealth

R or S?

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I've known about Ritas acceleration for months, and have tried to show people since, with no luck.

I can certainly feel Rita stop accelerating as soon as the back of the train is out of the station. Stealth on the other hand keeps accelerating, and gives you one last blast as you enter the tophat.

Ritas launch, to me, is twice as powerful as Stealths has ever been.
Having said all that, TTD is not what it is advertised to be.

Using a video and a stopwatch.

I worked it out that the drive powers the train for abour 2.5 seconds.


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I would rather a more prolonged launch though as apose to one short sharp snap.

I dunno why, perhaps it just feels as though the body is under more pressure or something. Whatever it is, I prefer it.
Just to clear one thing up, all these advertised acceleration times are actually the time the train spends on the straight aprt of the track.

What they don't say is that the catch has to stop and it can't just stop like it hits a brick wall.

Ritas launch track is about 50m long. The catch takes just over 20m to stop, which isn't bad considering it's doin 60mph. And I'm talking about a solid chunk of steel that weighs nerely a ton.

So for the 3 seconds the train is on the straight, it only accelerates for 1 second. In other words, you hit 60 by the time the middle of the train passes the camera.

Martyn B

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The Undead Creature said:
Just to clear one thing up, all these advertised acceleration times are actually the time the train spends on the straight aprt of the track.
So in saying that, Stealth could accelerate to its top speed in about a second, for all we know!

Anyway, finally tonight I get to vote!


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Social Media Team
You can feel Stealth pull for the entire launch track, but Rita stops halfway down, and you can feel it.

I think Stealth takes the full 2.5 seconds.


^ I doubt it, As the catch car still needs to stop. And with stealth, you can clearly feel the moment when you ride over the catch car, As it is brought to a stop under the train.


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Is this conversation still going on? :lol:

Yeah, you can Mark, especially if you're sitting in the 3rd or 4th car (The catch car seems to hook up under one of those, or it's those that feel the car as they ride over it?). You can feel the clunk as it disengages, and it rattles through you a bit.
It is a long way down the launch though. Rita's is around the photo point, Stealths is considerably further on than that distance.


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Oh right. Fair enough. I'll look out for that then. Can't say I have ever noticed it though....


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I find Rita's launch to be a bit lame really... Sure it's supposidly really powerful... But as you as you stop accelerating it's just basically straight track for 2 seconds... Hardly exciting. Plus once it stops accelerating I find myself going forwards into the restraints.

Stealths might not be as powerful, but a longer acceleration for me is better.


RITA: Queen Of Speed

Its just better than Stealth, in all ways!


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I'm having to go for Stealth now. Rita is way too rough. The turn by Corkscrew is death and the last dip before the brakes smashes your neck into the restraints. Both try and cut off circulation to your legs though but at least Stealth also dosen't try and cut off your head :lol:.

Martyn B

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As far as 'which coaster fits into which area' goes, Rita owns Stealth.

Ug Land's atmosphere on Saturday was electric, it was the busiest area in all the park, it was almost like a carnival atmosphere.

And she really has given Corky a new lease of life.

So IMO, its currently Rita 1-0 Stealth.