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Rita - New theming


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Nemesis Inferno said:
Ben said:
Yeah, I like the colour now! It isn't a bright red at ALL, it's faded and covered in moss... looks amazing!

I think that's more the fact Alton probably haven't painted it for 5 years ;)

Well, yeah, did I say anywhere it was intentional :roll:


I think it certainly suits the area much better now than what it did while Corkscrew was there.

I did hear on Sunday that Rita will be having a re-paint next winter, not sure how true this is though obviously.


^ I hope that's not true. I'm agreeing with everything Ben's saying here.

The longer the ride isn't repainted the cooler it'll look as it naturally gets taken over by the nature all around it, which is it's theme anyway. So I'm all against a repaint.

Unless they're going to do something outstanding, but I'm sure if they were they would've done it over this winter. Can't personally see a re-paint happening now.


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Haha although I love the Dark Forest theme it is quite lazy.

I mean...the less it's maintained the better it's going to look!


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Rita's maintenance shed. It needs something. Anything will be better than the bright red box. Paint it like the 13 shop, with vines etc.


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Track needs painting green, and creeper vines up the supports please.

Urgh Ed, thats so obvious though! I love colours that go completely against the obvious and still work, I think the red is good like that.

I'd be so upset if the Dark Forest is ends up being black, dark gree, black dark green.


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It would be better than black, dark green, brown and RED.

Sometimes obvious is the best way to go! Although I would be happy if they rusted it up a bit. Then tore Rita down and restored the area to something decent rather than a shoe-horned crap ride.


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I actually quite liked the old Rita theme (even though it didn't fit with Ug Land). The new, weathered look works quite well for the ride, so I'm not going to complain.

That said, I'm not a fan of the new launch announcement. I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps it's because it seems to lack the energy and enthusiasm of the old launch announcement. If they insist on going for a horror "you must escape" theme perhaps it needs more of a sense of urgency.

That said, I've only been on it once since the re-theme. Maybe it'll grow on me.


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The re-theme is great! I really like the new trains, they look a ton sexier than before!

But honestly, the whole experience still remains very mediocre, and yet never fails to beat me up around the first two banked turns. And what is up with the new voice-over? It sounds really draining and boring, thinking back I really liked the old voice-over, it sounded a lot more up-beat and exciting for what it is. Now it sounds like some old guy talking a load of crap, eugh.

Kudos for air-time though :)


I love it, but if TH13TEEN wasn't the priority of this year, and retheming Rita was, then I'd have made the station and launch section indoors, with smoke and strobes. :--D
However, TH13TEEN was priority, Rita's retheme wasmore an afterthought, and I think they've done a great job whilst trying to keep the budget and work as short but sweet as possible.

Martyn B

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bob_3_ said:
I don't see what's so wrong with the colour. I think it looks good red. It's faded abit and looks cool!

Yeah it looks goodin that picture, but the view as you enter the area is hideous. It/she sticks out way too much, I just feel a nice dark green could help her blend in.


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Rita looks tons better now but if the track was a darkish green and had vines going up the supports like others have mentioned then it would be complete. :)


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yeah its not bad considering it was not the main priority, the trains look cool, the new voice over is abit drab and dull though and would of proberly changed the name entirely, just calling it Rita i think is abit lazy, but again the retheming project was by no means the main offseason objective


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I was not convinced when they shown the Flickr pictures, but after seeing it in person, I think it is fantastic. The only thing is the launch announcement. "You must escape"? Someone needs to point out that you end up where you started, so you are not escaping, or atleast it should be clear what we are pretending to be escaping from. The rest of the theming and the parks description is it's a car themed roller coaster, so why the announcement changes it to something you built to escape the forest, I don't know. Anyway, it is so much better than the pre-2010 theme, so thumbs up from me :--D


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I think that they should change the name of rita. It is a bit of a mouth full (Rita: Queen of speed). All the other rides are just one word. Of course you can just shorten it to Rita but I just think that its not a very good name. What does everyone else think?