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Rides you rode in the opening season?


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Picked up another one, but likely my last of 2020.
EastCoast(er)General said:
2019-Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure-Islands of Adventure
2019-Steel Curtain-Kennywood
2019-Maxx Force-Six Flags Great America
2019-Kentucky Flyer-Kentucky Kingdom2018-Sea Viper-Palace Playland
2018-Steel Vengeance-Cedar Point
2018-Emerald Coaster-Sam's Fun City
2018-HangTime-Knott's Berry Farm
2018-Merlin's Mayhem-Dutch Wonderland
2018-Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster-Six Flags Fiesta Texas
2018-Twisted Cyclone-Six Flags Over Georgia
2018-Twisted Timbers-Kings Dominion
2018-Time Traveler-Silver Dollar City
2017-Mine Blower-Fun Spot America
2017-Mystic Timbers-Kings Island
2017-Crazy Mouse-Park at OWA
2017-Rollin' Thunder-Park at OWA
2017-Wave Breaker-SeaWorld San Antonio
2017-The Joker-Six Flags New England
2017-Wild Waves-Playland's Castaway Cove
2017-Hydrus-Casino Pier
2017-InvadR-Busch Gardens Williamsburg
2016-Cobra's Curse-Busch Gardens Tampa
2016-Mako-SeaWorld Orlando
2016-The Monster-Adventureland Iowa
2016-Valravn-Cedar Point
2016-The Joker-Six Flags Great Adventure
2016-Phobia Phear Coaster-Lake Compounce
2016-Whirlwind-Playland's Castaway Cove
2016-GaleForce-Playland's Castaway Cove
2016-Storm Chaser-Kentucky Kingdom
2015-Switchback-ZDT's Amusement Park
2015-Rewind Racers-Adventure City
2015-Twisted Colossus-Six Flags Magic Mountain
2015-Rougarou-Cedar Point (floorless conversion)
2015-Spinning Coaster-Trimper's Rides
2015-Wildcat-Jolly Roger Amusement Park*
2015-Looping Star-Keansburg Amusement Park*
2015-Coaster at Goats on the Roof (Alpine)
2015-Wild West Express-Adventure Park USA*
2015-Rampage-Alabama Splash Adventure (re-opened)
2015-Turbulence-Adventureland, Long Island
2015-Wicked Cyclone-Six Flags New England
2015-Laff Trakk-Hersheypark
2015-Batman: The Ride-Six Flags Fiesta Texas
2015-Tempesto-Busch Gardens Williamsburg
2015-Thunderbird-Holiday World
2015-Fury 325-Carowinds
2014-Seven Dwarfs Mine Train-Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
2014-Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts-Universal Studios Florida
2014-Myrtle Turtle-Pavilion Park
2014-El Loco-Adventuredome
2014-Spinning Coaster-Western Playland
2014-Sky Scream-Holiday Park
2014-Ronde des Rondins-Fraispertuis City*
2014-Alpina Blitz-Nigloland
2014-Aérotrain-Parc Saint Paul
2014-Il Tempo Extra Gigante-Hunderflossen Familiepark
2014-Flug der Dämonen-Heide Park
2014-Thunderbolt-Luna Park NYC
2014-Goliath-Six Flags Great America
2014-Wonder Mountain's Guardian-Canada's Wonderland
2014-Cocoa Cruiser-Hersheypark
2014-Roar-O-Saurus-Story Land
2014-Banshee-Kings Island
2014-Firechaser Express-Dollywood
2013-Undertow-Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
2013-White Lightning-Fun Spot America
2013-Freedom Flyer-Fun Spot America
2013-Sand Blaster-Boardwalk Amusements*
2013-Twist 'n Shout-Family Kingdom*
2013-Flying Turns-Knoebels
2013-Hades 360-Mt. Olympus
2013-FunCoaster-Funplex (Mt Laurel, NJ)
2013-Coast Rider-Knott's Berry Farm
2013-Full Throttle-Six Flags Magic Mountain
2013-Gold Striker-California's Great America
2013-Psyké Underground-Walibi Belgium - enclosed, re-themed & renamed
2013-Karacho-Erlebnispark Tripsdrill
2013-X-Thorpe Park - forward facing without any stops
2013-mrawS-Thorpe Park - last row facing backwards
2013-Smiler-Alton Towers
2013-Boomerang-Six Flags St. Louis*
2013-Iron Rattler-Six Flags Fiesta Texas
2013-Batman The Ride Backwards-Six Flags Great America - changed train backwards
2013-GateKeeper-Cedar Point
2013-Joker-Six Flags Mexico*
2013-Outlaw Run-Silver Dollar City
2012-Iron Shark-Galveston's Historic Pleasure Pier
2012-Manta-SeaWorld San Diego
2012-Superman Ultimate Flight-Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
2012-Cliffhanger-Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park*
2012-Vuelta al Mundo-Esquilandia*
2012-Apocalypse-Six Flags America*
2012-Goliath-Six Flags New England*
2012-Stinger-Dorney Park*
2012-Verbolten-Busch Gardens Williamsburg
2012-Leviathan-Canada's Wonderland
2012-X Flight-Six Flags Great America
2012-Swarm-Thorpe Park
2012-Wild Eagle-Dollywood
2011-Superman: Escape from Krypton-Six Flags Magic Mountain - re-named/changed train backwards
2011-Road Runner Express-Six Flags Magic Mountain
2011-Goofy's Sky School-Disney California Adventure - re-themed & renamed
2011-Green Lantern: First Flight-Six Flags Magic Mountain
2011-Olandese Volante-Rainbow MagicLand
2011-Amerigo-Rainbow MagicLand
2011-Bomborun-Rainbow MagicLand
2011-Cagliostro-Rainbow MagicLand
2011-Shock-Rainbow MagicLand
2011-Zippin Pippin-Bay Beach
2011-Steeplechase Cavalry Coaster-Scream Zone
2011-Soarin' Eagle-Scream Zone*
2011-Untamed-Canobie Lake Park
2011-Dare Devil Dive-Six Flags Over Georgia
2011-Cheetah Hunt-Busch Gardens Tampa
2011-Green Lantern-Six Flags Great Adventure*
2010-Flight of the Hippogriff-Islands of Adventure - rethemed
2010-Air Grover-Busch Gardens Tampa
2010-Tickler-Luna Park
2010-Circus Coaster-Luna Park
2010-Intimidator 305-Kings Dominion
2010-Sky Rocket-Kennywood
2009-Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit-Islands of Adventure
2009-Manta-SeaWorld Orlando
2009-Time Machine-FMP - rethemed
2009-Terminator Salvation: The Ride-Six Flags Magic Mountain
2009-Diamondback-Kings Island
2009-Blue Fire Megacoaster-Europa Park
2009-El Toro-Freizeitpark Plohn
2009-Fluch von Novgorod-Hansa Park
2009-Teststrecke-Hamburg Dom*
2009-Carolina Cobra-Carowinds*
2009-Grover's Alpine Express-Busch Gardens Williamsburg
2009-Bizarro-Six Flags Great Adventure - rethemed
2009-Bizarro-Six Flags New England - rethemed
2008-Voodoo-Dorney Park*
2008-Led Zeppelin: The Ride-Hard Rock Park
2008-Eagles Life in the Fast Lane-Hard Rock Park
2008-MaximumRPM-Hard Rock Park
2008-Shake, Rattle & Rollercoaster-Hard Rock Park
2008-Slippery When Wet-Hard Rock Park
2008-Dominator-Kings Dominion*
2008-Orange County Choppers Motocoaster-Darien Lake
2008-Behemoth-Canada's Wonderland
2008-Ravine Flyer II-Waldameer
2008-Dark Knight-Six Flags Great Adventure
2007-Maverick-Cedar Point
2006-El Toro-Six Flags Great Adventure
2005-Kingda Ka-Six Flags Great Adventure
2005-Pandemonium-Six Flags New England
2003-Superman - Ultimate Flight-Six Flags Great Adventure
2001-Nitro-Six Flags Great Adventure
1999-Medusa-Six Flags Great Adventure
1999-Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train-Six Flags Great Adventure
1998-Batman and Robin: The Chiller-Six Flags Great Adventure
1996-Skull Mountain-Six Flags Great Adventure
1995-Viper-Six Flags Great Adventure
1993-Batman The Ride-Six Flags Great Adventure
1990-Shockwave-Six Flags Great Adventure
1989-Great American Scream Machine-Six Flags Great Adventure
1986-Ultra Twister-Six Flags Great Adventure
1984-Sarajevo Bobsled-Six Flags Great Adventure
1978-Corkscrew-Myrtle Beach Pavilion*
1977-White Lightnin'-Carowinds
1976-Thunder Road-Carowinds
1975-Corkscrew-Magic Harbor
1973-Black Witch-Magic Harbor
1973-Carolina Goldrusher-Carowinds
1970-These United States-Sun Fun Park

2020-Texas Stingray-SeaWorld San Antonio


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^ I was supposed to do both of those this year :'(

This year was supposed to be an awesome list of coasters ridden during their opening year, but with COVID, who knows what will and what won't happen...

Tell me about it. I've yet to ride any new for 2020's despite the fact 2 were built locally and have failed to open :( ...and COVID has cancelled both my Texas June trip and what would have been my North East/New England trip.....next week.


2006: Black Mamba @ Phantasialand
2011: Krake @ Heide Park
2012: Wodan @ Europapark
2016: Lost Gravity @ Walibi Holland; Taron, Raik @Phantasialand
2017: Heidi the Ride @ Plopsaland Hype @ Särkäniemi
2018: Fenix @ Toverland Speed, Hyperion @ Energylandia
2019: Untamed@Walibi Holland, Zadra @ Energylandia
2020: Volldampf, Hals über Kopf @Tripsdrill; Pitt's Special @ Powerland

That's it for the major rides I can recall spontanousely.
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2015 - Fury 325 - Carowinds
2015 - Rougarou - Cedar Point (First CFer)
2014 - Banshee - Kings Island
2014 - Pipe Scream & Erie Eagles - Cedar Point (First CFer)
2013 - Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City
2013 - New Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas
2013 - Iron Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
2013 - Gatekeeper - Cedar Point (Tied for first CFer with ECG)
2012 - Skyrush - Hersheypark
2012 - Stinger (relocation) - Dorney Park
2011 - Windseeker - Cedar Point
2010 - Shoot the Rapids - Cedar Point
2009 - Diamondback - Kings Island (First CFer)
2007 - Maverick - Cedar Point (Second CFer... Damn you Snoo!)
2007 - Sierra Sidewinder - Knott's Berry Farm
2006 - Skyhawk - Cedar Point (First CFer)
2005 - maXair - Cedar Point (First CFer)
2005 - Hydra the Revenge - Dorney Park (First CFer)
2016 - Valravn - Cedar Point (First CFer)
2016 - Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom
2018 - Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point (First CFer)
2019 - Kentucky Flyer - Kentucky Kingdom
2020 - Orion (TBH, haven't a clue who was the first to lay claim from CF? Made it out the first weekend of operation)

Also annoyed Rise of the Resistance FL opened in December 2019; missed it by a very close margin this year!


1997 - Tomahawk
1998 - Tami Tami
2004 - Spinball
2007 - Furius Baco
2016 - Taron, Raik
2017 - Red Force
2018 - Valkyria
2019 - Untamed, Zadra, Frida, Draken
2020 - Panic Coaster Back Daaan, Hakugei (idk if you'd count these, but I rode them within a year of them opening)


2006: Black Mamba @ Phantasialand
2011: Krake @ Heide Park
2012: Wodan @ Europapark
2016: Lost Gravity @ Walibi Holland; Taron, Raik @Phantasialand
2017: Heidi the Ride @ Plopsaland Hype @ Särkäniemi
2018: Fenix @ Toverland Speed, Hyperion @ Energylandia
2019: Untamed@Walibi Holland, Zadra @ Energylandia
2020: Volldampf, Hals über Kopf @Tripsdrill; Pitt's Special @ Powerland

That's it for the major rides I can recall spontanousely.
One new one since Thursday:
2020: F.L.Y @ Phantasialand


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Damn, at least I got to add...one...thing to this list for 2020 :|
Journey to Atlantis - SeaWorld Orlando
Excalibur - Funtown Splashtown

Superman - Ride Of Steel - Six Flags Darien Lake
Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Kraken - SeaWorld Orlando
Superman - Ride Of Steel - Six Flags New England
Poison Ivy - Six Flags New England
Flashback - Six Flags New England (but I'd ridden it at SFKK as well)
Flying Unicorn - Islands of Adventure

Batman - The Dark Knight - Six Flags New England
Ricochet - Kings Dominion

Canyon Blaster - Great Escape

Volare - Prater
Gold Rush Express - Six Gun City
BORG Assimilator - Carowinds

Pandemonium - Six Flags New England (opening day)
Powder Keg - Silver Dollar City
Italian Job: Stunt Track - Kings Island
Hydra the Revenge - Dorney Park
New Gold Rush Express - Six Gun City
Mighty Mouse - Funtown Pier
Orient Express - Riverview Park & Waterworld
Hades - Mt. Olympus

Kumali - Flamingo Land
Speed: No Limits - Oakwood
Stealth - Thorpe
Speed Monster - TusenFryd
Runaway Train - Gulliver's Warrington
Goliath - La Ronde
Runaway Train - Gillian's Wonderland Pier
Crossbow - Bowcraft Playland
El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure
Italian Job Turbo Coaster - Kings Dominion (opening day!)

Furius Baco - PortAventura
Vagones Locos - Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
Turbulencia - Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
Troy - Toverland
Pirates Hideaway - Casino Pier
Maverick - Cedar Point
Mystery Mine - Dollywood
Griffon - Busch Gardens Williamsburg (opening weekend)

Voodoo - Dorney Park (opening weekend)
Wacky Worm - Old Town
Wildcat - Jolly Roger
Dark Knight - Six Flags Great Adventure
Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer
Fahrenheit - Hersheypark
Dominator - Kings Dominion (opening day!)

Manta - SeaWorld Orlando (Pre-Opening day!)
Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit - Universal Studios Florida
Terminator Salvation: The Ride - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Kiddie Coaster - Fun Spot USA
Dragon Wagon - Luna Park (in its only season)
Diamondback - Kings Island
Grover's Alpine Express - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Jett Star - Central Park Fun-Land
*Bizarro - Six Flags New England* - (Had SROS but was at Bizarros Media event)
*Bizarro - Six Flags Great Adventure* (Had ridden as Medusa)

Air Grover - Busch Gardens Tampa
Viking Voyage - Wild Adventures (but I'd ridden it at Celebration City as well)
Intimidator - Carowinds

Cheetah Hunt - Busch Gardens Tampa (Pre-Opening day!)
Wooden Warrior - Quassy
Power Trip Coaster - Fun Spot USA (but I'd ridden it at Cypress as well)
LEGO TECHNIC Test Track - Legoland Florida (but I had ridden it at
Legoland Windsor as well)
Dare Devil Dive - Six Flags Over Georgia
Untamed - Canobie Lake Park

New Kiddie Coaster - Fun Spot USA (but I had ridden it at Wonderpark as well)
Goliath - Six Flags New England (but I had ridden it at Magic Mountain as well)
Cobra - Zoomers (second day of its operation)
Manta - SeaWorld San Diego
X-Flight - Six Flags Great America
Wild Eagle - Dollywood
Dragon Wagon - Fun Stop (Pigeon Forge)

Freedom Flyer - Fun Spot America (pre-opening)
White Lightning - Fun Spot America :D
Sea Serpent - Fun Spot America (But I'd ridden it in New Jersey)
Max's Doggy Dog Coaster - Martin's Fantasy Island
Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City
Boomerang - Six Flags St. Louis
Sandblaster - Boardwalk Amusements

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom (pre-opening)
Roar-O-Saurus - Story Land
Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts - Universal Studios Florida

Andretti Family Coaster - Andretti Thrill Park
Fury 325 - Carowinds
Impulse - Knoebels
Turbulence - Adventureland
Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England
Ladybug Roller Coaster - Carousel Gardens Amusement Park
Hurricane - Race City PBC (but I had ridden it at Adventureland as well. Was my 200th at its original home)
*Backwards Batman The Ride - Six Flags Great Adventure

Mako - SeaWorld Orlando (Pre-Opening day!)
Valravn - Cedar Point
Cobra's Curse - Busch Gardens Tampa
Joker - Six Flags Great Adventure
Phobia Phear Coaster - Lake Compounce
Freedom Rider - iPlay America
Whirlwind - Playlands's Castaway Cove
*Backwards Le Vampire - La Ronde

*Rowdy Bear Coaster - Rowdy Bear Mountain
Whistle Punk Chaser - Dollywood
Mystic Timbers - Kings Island
Mine Blower - Fun Spot (192)
Joker - Six Flags New England
Hydrus - Casino Pier
GaleForce - Playland's Castaway Cove
Hang Ten - Fantasy Island Amusement Park
InvadR - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Slinky Dog Dash - Walt Disney World - Disney's Hollywood Studios (pre-opening)
Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion
Twist-N-Shout - Central Park Fun-Land
Oscar's Wacky Taxi - Sesame Place
Merlin's Mayhem - Dutch Wonderland
Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point
Twisted Cyclone - Six Flags Over Georgia
Wipeout - Palace Playland
Sea Viper - Palace Playland
Adrenaline Peak - Oaks Amusement Park
Emerald Coaster - Sam's Fun City

Tigris - Busch Gardens Tampa
Dragonflier - Dollywood
Yukon Striker - Canada's Wonderland
*Firebird - Six Flags America (already ridden as Apocalypse...and Iron Wolf)
Copperhead Strike - Carowinds
Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure - Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
Batman - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Crazy 8's - John's Incredible Pizza Company
TMNT Shellraiser - Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park
Nickelodeon Slime Streak - Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park
Timmy's Half Pipe Havoc - Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park

Texas Stingray - SeaWorld San Antonio


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Formuła - Energylandia

Hyperion - Energylandia
Junior Red Force - Ferrari Land

Zadra - Energylandia
Frida - Energylandia
Draken - Energylandia
I didn't think i'd riden anything in opening season and then was watching an Airtime Thrills video and realised that I'd ridden Kumba in opening season then realised there were a few more too.

1993 - Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa
1998 - Rattlesnake - Chessington World of Adventures
2002 - Colossus - Thorpe Park
2002 - Air - Alton Towers (now Galactica obvs)
2003 - Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe Park
2004 - Sonic Spinball - Alton Towers (now Spinball Whizzer)
2018 - Icon - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
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So far I’ve only ridden 7 coasters in there opening seasons;

2004: Dragon’s Fury (Chessington World Of Adventures)
2005: Speedy Coaster (Leisureranch, Weymouth)
2012: The Swarm (Thorpe Park)
2015: Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure (Alton Towers)
2018: Wicker Man (Alton Towers) and Icon (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
2020: Duplo Dino Coaster (Legoland)


2002: Winja's Fear & Winja's Force (Phantasialand)
2016: Taron, Raik (Phantasialand)
2018: Fēnix (Toverland)
2019: Untamed (Walibi Holland), Fury (Bobbejaanland), Kamelen (Tivoli Gardens)
2020: Hals über Kopf, Volldampf (Tripsdrill), F.L.Y. (Phantasialand)


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2010 - TH13RTEEN (Alton Towers)
2013 - The Smiler (Alton Towers)
2018 - Wickerman (Alton Towers)
2019 - Untamed (Walibi Holland), Fury (Bobbejaanland)
2020 - Hals über kopf + Volldampf (Tripsdrill), F.L.Y (Phantasialand)


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2014: Flug der Dämonen (Heide Park), SkyScream (Holiday Park)
2016: Taron, Raik (Phantasialand)
2017: Turbo Track (Ferrari World), Star Trek: Operation Enterprise (Movie Park)
2018: Wicker Man (Alton Towers), Rhönbob (Wasserkuppe), Fenix (Toverland), Junior RedForce (Ferrari Land)
2019: Yukon Striker (Canada's Wonderland), Copperhead Strike (Carowinds), Hagrid's MCMCA (Universal's IOA), Untamed (Walibi Holland)
2020: Butterfly (Affen- & Vogelpark Eckenhagen), Hals-über-Kopf, Volldampf (Tripsdrill), Adlerflug (Funnyworld), Pitts Special (PowerPark) , F.L.Y. (Phantasialand), Hummel Brummel (Schwaben Park)


Thorpe Park:
Colossus, Nemesis Inferno, Stealth, Saw.
Alton Towers:
Air, Wicker Man.
FLY (a very short season!).

Sadly, I think that's about it.


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Let's see then. Old timer here so in approximate order, starting waaay back in the 80's up to present day.
4 Man Bob
Alton Mouse
Alton Beast/New Beast
Runaway Train
Pepsi Max Big One
Shockwave DMP
Jubilee Odyssey
Spinball Whizzer
Dragon's Fury
G Force
The Swarm
The Smiler
Pterasaur and Velociraptor
Pegase Express
Star Trek: Operation Enterprise
Wicker Dude
Time Traveler
Steel Vengeance

That is all. Bit gutted that FLY isn't on the list for 2020, was hoping to mince over there before the year is out, but yeah... that's looking unlikely now innit. ?