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Ride Related Dreams You've Had


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Going on Appolos Chariot after filling in the missing track (like the etc senarios of old) which was the 180° twisting drop at the bottom of a dam wall. Thank you YouTube for suggesting that pov earlier.

But at least I got on, usually it's just a queue line that's a bit/lot freaky and when I reach the end I either wake up or its not a rollercoaster. I guess that's more a nightmare.


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Me in FLY topic said:
Reading these Wuzeball rumours has reminded me of a dream I had years ago, soon after a school trip there in 2010. I'd dreamt that Phantasialand had built RCT3 Dizzy Dropper ride and it was isolated, all alone and unthemed at the far end of an empty field (on land that is actually the Mystery car park). Not a Zacspin but similar and bare in mind this was years before a Dizzy Dropper actually got built as the RES Rollerball. I'd also managed to completely miss out the whole of the Wuze area on that trip... Subconsciously, I must have known of this rumour back then!


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Probably alcohol withdrawal related, but last night I had a dream where Duel at Alton broke down, and then the staff along with animatronics performed my favourite album.

Made me giggle a bit when I woke up.


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I've had a dream where me and the kids were at Cedar Point, but no operators or crowds. So I figure out how to make it go and get in the rear seat, but woke up at the crest of the hill. When I was young, I dreamt being around the Matterhorn a lot. It had a big impact on me, kinda like the first time going to a big league stadium.


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I had a dream last night where it was possible to park hop between Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea by taking a monorail.

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Maybe they could build a "round the world" monorail connecting all parks? Using a high speed maglev you could do Disneyland california to wdw in about 8.5 hours, WDW to DLP in about 20 hours, dlp to hong kong in about 30 hours, hong kong to shanghai in 3 hours, shanghai to tokyo in about 5 or 6 hours, tokyo to california in 20 hours.

Should be able to run this service on 4 or 5 trains an hour each way;. probably more likely than the london resort anyway!


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Very weird but quite enjoyable one the other night - took my non-CF best friend to Chessington (for some reason)
While there, we met numerous CFers, most of whom I hadn't seen since 2012 or even earlier and many of whom I'd entirely forgotten! Amusingly, due to subconscious social distancing, we met them one at a time.

For some reason, there was a new show and a flying island. Dragon's Fury seemed to have been part-rebuilt by Gerst and S&S and was... very unreliable. A new coaster was being built. It should have been at that point that I realised I was dreaming really.


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I was being pursued by an old industrial boiler (not a reference to my wife) down the promenade at Blackpool from the Tower towards the Pleasure Beach. It sort of made a screeching noise as it relentlessly gave chase with rust peeling in all directions.

I thought that an escape was possible by a manoeuvre involving a run through Coral Island but I was spited by a group of 2,000 lasses on a 'Hen Do' from Burnley.

The boiler was stiil hot on my tails as I passed the Wetherspoon's Velvet Coaster at breakneck speed. I had no opportunity to have a pint of Old Rosie & jug of Long England Iced Tea. I leapt over the Ark entrance and dived onto the nearest coaster. I was safe.

Or so I thought. There was a sign at the top of the lift hill which read 'THEY'RE OFF'


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I had a dream last night that I was at Alton Towers and Fury 325 was there! Imagine the size of the hole they'd have to dig to keep it below the tree line!


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i recently dreamt that Shaman, a vekoma looper at my home park that is currently getting a python style retrack, had actually been replaced by a red racing coaster that looked like a chinese knockoff or something. It looked like the track was made by arrow but it had schwartzkopf styled loop supports. The layout looked like windjammer surf racers at knott's but it was really short, deformed and had a beyond vertical drop. Maybe i should consider this a nightmare.


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i recently dreamt that Shaman, a vekoma looper at my home park that is currently getting a python style retrack, had actually been replaced by a red racing coaster that looked like a chinese knockoff or something. It looked like the track was made by arrow but it had schwartzkopf styled loop supports. The layout looked like windjammer surf racers at knott's but it was really short, deformed and had a beyond vertical drop. Maybe i should consider this a nightmare.
Sounds like you just had a dream about an SBF tower coaster.

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Sorry to resurrect the thread, but I had a really weird theme park dream last night.

Basically, me and my dad were riding Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The exterior looked exactly the same, however the differences started once we got inside. For starters, the infamous ring of fire had been relocated to the first lift hill as opposed to being on the final drop, but the main weird thing that happened was; after the first lift hill, both the water ride system and my dad completely disappeared into thin air, and I then found myself alone in a scare maze-style attraction. For some reason, I was given various doors to look through to see if I could find my way to the attraction’s finale. Eventually, I found my way to the finale, and it was weird; I was greeted in the finale room by Amanda Thompson and a giant box. Amanda didn’t initially acknowledge me, but as soon as I entered the room, she shouted “RELEASE THE CHICKEN!”. I would then discover that she was referring to the contents of the giant box, which turned out to be a giant chicken that she ordered to chase me and attack me. It then became one of those dreams where I desperately tried to run away from the chicken, but I couldn’t. Even though Amanda was angrily shouting at me “RUN, YOU STUPID BOY!”, I was motionless, unable to escape the giant killer chicken. So the dream ended with this giant chicken attacking me and (presumably) killing me; that was the point where I woke up.

I know it sounds very weird, but that’s what actually happened, word for word...


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I had a dream where Velocicoaster was a launched Vekoma STC with the color scheme of Flying Dinosaur, and it was really good. It had a very long indoor section, but the part that made it so good was one element. I can only describe it as a raven turn with the entrance of Maxx Force’s dive loop, that turned right side up again as soon as the raven turn bottomed out. I’m not exactly sure about the rest of the layout, as I woke up about 20 minutes ago now, but I came off it with the feeling that it was my new #1.


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As a middle schooler in Oklahoma I had been to SFOT and from the tower saw they were clearing the way for something huge and I was so excited. Weeks later we saw in the Dallas paper that it was going to be a wooden coaster called the “Texas Giant”! From that point I had dreams about it until I finally got to ride it! The only thing was instead of being in coaster cars they fastened harnesses around your waist and you ran and jumped and would swing around the course!


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Last night I had a dream that Alton Towers were getting a Vekoma SFC and the Chessington coaster turned out to be a Mack Big Dipper. Sooooooooo even in my dreams - Thorpe gets nothing :( 😂


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I have had so many dreams about coasters and counting, all of them being pretty cool.

1. Steel Vengeance Christmas Special. So basically it was snowing at Cedar Point and it was open later than usual. People were all dressed in winter gear and were in line for SV. I sat next to a scared little girl in a pink coat and told her everything will be okay; she ended up loving the ride.
2. B&M Giga in an east-coast boardwalk; either New Jersey or Florida, I don't remember. I saw this giga multiple times, I think it was orange and white like my cat.
3. Atlantic City's best coaster. In this dream, there was a miniature amusement park next to the aquarium, and there they had this pretty long, green and purple steel coaster that was pretty fast and went around twice. I think it was themed to a dragon fly like at Dollywood.
4. Intense GCI woodie. Another made up park, this one was themed to Medieval Times and did not have many coasters except a couple of kiddie ones and a GCI woodie in the back of the park. They also had some pretty good food and drinks, I think I had a cherry slushie, which is what I usually get at parks.
5. Historic PTC that never existed. By Deptford, New Jersey, there is a small area where vendors can rent it for events. The area had a ferris wheel and a pretty large-scaled PTC which was around 80 years old. I went there during a Chinese festival where I got to eat shrimp temura and ride the PTC. It was its 80th birthday too so for the event, they set up some lights around like Comet at Hersheypark.

And probably alot more that I forgot. I have yet to dream about my cat on a roller coaster yet, surprisingly.


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Just last night. Went to sleep really ticked off.

Apparently, in the dream, we were in Britain. I think, at least.

Map looked like a sideways GTA 5 map. Don't know why.

Eventually we decided to go to Energylandia. We then just appeared at the park and decided to ride Shambhala (?).

The layout was wrong, no ampersand and it had a Steven Universe theme for some reason.

Then my mom mentioned (in the dream) that the Top Scan had collapsed. I saw a black plume of smoke before we left.

Later on I saw a video. To put it simply, the video goes like this:

Truck crashes into top scan, causing the carriage to seperate from the rest of the ride

Carriage continues spinning on ground, catches fire

Carriage ****ing EXPLODES.

Then I woke up. It twas a weird dream.

(btw: I know it was Energylandia and not Portadventura because I distinctly remember seeing Zadra in the distance.)


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When I first started working this summer I kept having dreams that I was operating my ride, but in every way possible I was messing it up. Sometimes I even woke up with my "high clear" 😂