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Release The Krakow: Poland Live 22-23rd Sept

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On an unrelated note the Sensory Garden at Legendia is a must do. It's basically a carpeted spinning tunnel but you have to go in with just socks on so you're slipping and sliding all over the place, it's hilarious.
Yous need to tell me how it compares to Tayto's Vortex Tunnel™


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So me and EthC will be at River Park the Friday and Saturday night and another hotel near Legendia for the Sunday night.

If time allows, we're going to try for the Zatorland cred on the Friday before the park closes at 5. We don't land until 2.35pm and have to collect the hire car and drive there so will see how successful we are!

Also feel so embarrassed messaging them haha!


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The reply is obvious "Hello, thank you for your help. I have decided I want to visit both because creds"

On a serious note, I'm assuming we will be detouring to Zatorland at some point - because creds :p


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I'm currently at Energylandia (still sad I couldn't change things to do same days as you).

Just wanted to give a heads up to those with Groupon vouchers (in case you do the same thing as me). The voucher sent via email doesnt work, you need to log in and there should be a qr code attached.

Hope this makes sense, my phones keyboard is going mental. Hope you all have a fab weekend and if anyone is staying in Krakow Sat night and want to meet for beer drop me a message.


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Made it to Zatorland with 15 minutes to spare... They only charged us 10 Zloty for entry and one ride haha!

Chilling in our bungalow at River Park now... Was a bit of a weird check in process as there's no space to park the car at reception so we left it outside and that's where it's meant to stay even though there's no obvious car park... and doesn't seem like many English speaking staff.


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With regards to Groupon for Energylandia, I printed this off and scanned it through the turnstiles. This was a week ago mind so not sure if it's changed.
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