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Regina at Tobu Zoo to be revived


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I guess Regina wasn't sold?

Into the nostalgic yet new world of Steampunk

 The wooden coaster Regina opened on March 18, 2000, as the world's first wooden coaster on water at that time, and has been loved by many customers. However, due to the age-related deterioration of the cars during the regular inspection in the summer of 2019, the coaster will cease operations at the end of the inspection period.

The sudden closure of the park was met with a huge response from customers, who expressed their regret and gratitude for the closure, as well as their hope for the revival of the park on SNS. In order to meet these expectations and revitalize the park, we have been working on the Regina Renewal Project since the end of operations, utilizing the existing track.

The theme of the renewal project is "Steampunk, "*1 a worldview derived from the keywords "revival" and "development," and will include the introduction of new cars, safety enhancements, and exterior decoration.

The new carriages will seat 24 passengers (2 passengers per carriage x 12 cars) and have more connecting parts than the previous carriages (4 passengers per carriage x 7 cars), enabling smoother running. In addition, automatic gates will be installed on the platforms to welcome passengers safely and guide them smoothly.

The thrill of running through the wooden structure and the speed of the train will remain the same, and passengers will still be able to enjoy the nostalgic yet new steampunk world view.

Please look forward to the new Regina that will start running again in the spring of 2023.

1 Steampunk is said to be a worldview that combines elements of science fiction (SF) with the industrial design of England during the Industrial Revolution.

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Sounds like its getting gci trains.


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Rejoice*, for she is risen from the dead!


* OK - maybe a bit much, but rather unexpected. Had a few rides on it a while back, one was awful the others OK if nothing desperately special (maybe apart from it all being built over a pond).


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As someone who was originally completely oblivious to what Regina was, I was very confused why there was a thread about an animal that was to be resuscitated at a zoo on the forums...

Half-expected another fun spam thread.


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Looks like they will be keeping the name and theme. Too bad. They had a great opportunity to do a gender flip here.



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Hope it's money well spent, I feel it needs a bit more than just GCI trains and some theming to make the project worthwhile.

Also makes me realise Japan is well overdue an actually good wooden coaster if people kicking off on social media about the closure of this one was enough to save it.

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That reaction is justified based on this:
RMC? Not a chance. The coaster has been closed, very suddenly, because it didn't pass safety inspections. It's going to sit there until the park eventually closes, which may not be that long.
So........the coaster closed because it failed the safety inspection....it was listed for sale......it got sold..........and now it's reopening? What?
EDIT: Apparently, Regina Reborn will open in spring 2023. Seems this is more than just new trains and theming.


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Also makes me realise Japan is well overdue an actually good wooden coaster if people kicking off on social media about the closure of this one was enough to save it.
Japan is well overdue coasters in general. It is a country with a lot of amusement parks and quite a lot of big coasters, but aside from Universal Studios Japan, Fuji-Q Highland, and Nagashima Spaland, coaster construction has been pretty terrible for the past decade or so. I think the best illustration of the stagnation of Japan's coaster scene is RCDB's list of Japan's fastest coasters, when looking at the "opened" column. Not counting a a relocation of a Space World coaster to Himeji Central Park, the fastest coaster to be built in Japan in the past 15 years outside of the three aforementioned parks is on page 5 of the list. It's this steeplechase coaster that barely cracks 50 km/h. Or put another way, no park outside of USJ, FQH, or NSL has built any coaster among the top 100 fastest in Japan since 2006. This in a country where 16 parks currently operate four or more coasters.


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What if GCI are installing some of the newest steel track on it besides Millennium Flyers? (Could we actually be seeing the first Millennium Flyers 2 model on this?)

When I visited Tobu Zoo I actually rode the coaster twice and it wasn't as bad as people pictured it. Sure, it was rough but it's got some nice drops and some pops of airtime here and there as well as a nice, long layout. I was sad to see yet another wooden coaster bite the dust, so reviving it in whatever form is really a celebration.


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Shame, I was hoping they'd sell it so I didn't have to get fomo from not wanting to ever visit this place.


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Thats kinda how I feel.
The Mega Lite was good but the rest of the park is blahhhhhhh, I don't wanna go back.