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RCT2 Problem!



Hey, Sorry if this is the wrong area but i need a little bit of help, I am just starting to make a new park in RCT2 with custom scenery and everything, But everytime i choose the pack of scenery i want in scenario editor it says too many obkects have been selected and i cant have all the items! even if i have only selected one other set of scenery!!!! How can i stop this happening so i can actually get a decent set of stuff to build my park?

Thanks, Joe


Hyper Poster
You have to click the advanced button and then do objects individually... small object, large objects, etc. Don't go by tabs. You get 256 small objects, 128 large objects, 128 walls, and all of that. If you start going by tabs, it selects all of them in a tab and makes it very difficult to get what you want without adding other things you don't.

An alternate method is to find a workbench with nice scenery online, and download that.