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Matt SR
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I agree on IR over NTG - the novelty of the IR layout was what really drew me in. The breaking point in Outlaw Run vs. IR is pacing. There is no way around it, IR's middle banked section before the final drop slows dramatically, while Outlaw Run still maintains one of the greatest paces out there.

Again, as we've alluded to, this is splitting hairs over some of the greatest roller coasters out there. It is like asking what color would you like your Bugatti Veyron in - yellow or green?

And as an aside on Ravine Flyer II; I am enthralled with how much that roller coaster can do with 115 ft. of drop and simple PTC trains. Roller coaster layout and general aesthetic also weigh heavily for me, with Ravine Flyer II's bridge being a very cool feature that I also greatly enjoy.

Ayy Lmao

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I'm too lazy to make a top 5, so I'm just gonna say 1 is outlaw run.
If the 2016 RMCs were open then Storm Chaser (please don't hurt me it's my opinion), and Wildfire would tie for number 1.


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Time for an update:
1, Medusa Steel Coaster
2, Outlaw Run
3, Wicked Cyclone
4, Goliath
5, Iron Rattler
6, New Texas Giant
7, Twisted Colossus


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Here's mine:
:mrgreen: 1. Iron Rattler (That drop and final ejector airtime hill sealed the deal)
2. Twisted Colossus
3. Medusa Steel Coaster
4. Goliath
5. Outlaw Run
6. New Texas Giant
:mrgreen: 7. Wicked Cyclone (I don't know why, I just didn't like this one)

:mrgreen: Means I have ridden.


The Legend
Added the new 2016 coasters and my thoughts. Bolded what I have not been on, some of which are obvious. :)

1. Goliath
2. Outlaw Run
3. Wildfire
4. Lightning Rod
5. Storm Chaser
6. Medusa

7. Wicked Cyclone
8. New Texas Giant
9. Twisted Colossus
10. Iron Rattler


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1 Outlaw Run <3
2 Wicked Cyclone
3 New Texas Giant

Not Ridden
1 Medusa (maannn do I wanna ride this!)
2 Joker
3 Iron Rattler
4 Wildfire
5 Storm Chaser (Somewhat likely to ride this next summer)
6 Twisted Colossus
7 Lightning Rod (odds are I'll get to Dollywood this summer)
8 Goliath


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1. Outlaw Run
2. Goliath
3 New Texas Giant
4. Iron rattler
5. Wicked Cyclone
6. Twisted Colossus


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Time for another update:
1, Medusa Steel Coaster
2, Outlaw Run
3, Storm Chaser
4, Wicked Cyclone
5, Goliath
6, Iron Rattler
7, New Texas Giant
8, Twisted Colossus

I must clarify that Storm Chaser is based on my best ride, otherwise it would be #6.


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Ben said:
Yeah, it's better.

IRatz is flawless, you have it much too low.

But then you have Maverick above Skyrush.

Actually, WTF is your top ten about.

Iron Rattler is just the perfect coaster, period.
I added Goliath to my RMC list today. What a beauty of a ride, but what a shame it doesn't have just one or two more hills to round it off. It had such great pacing, great airtime on the drop and the hill as well as a few pops on the turns, and a zero G stall that I think rivals almost any element on any coaster. That said, it felt lacking. It needed an extra fifteen seconds and it literally pains me because the ride is such a masterpiece. Outlaw Run and IR are both short as well, so I'm not sure what I felt was missing on this as, really, it has the same amount of airtime pops as IRatz does. I am struggling to place it right now in my list of RMCs in relation to Iron Rattler. The Zero G might give it the edge but I'll have to sleep on it!
Double post, but **** it, I'm allowed. Upon further consideration:

1. Wicked Cyclone
2. Outlaw Run
3. Iron Rattler
4. Goliath

5. New Texas Giant

Imagineer Josh

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I'm not 100% on this, I have only ridden Goliath

1. Wildfire
2. Lightning Rod
3. Wicked Cyclone
4. Joker
5. Outlaw Run
6. Goliath
7. Medusa Steel Coaster
8. Twisted Colossus
9. Iron Rattler
10. New Texas Giant
11. Storm Chaser

John Knotts

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1) Medusa
2) Outlaw Run
3) Wicked Cyclone
4) Twisted Colossus (Racing)
5) Joker
6) Iron Rattler
7) Twisted Colossus (Not Racing)
8) Storm Chaser
9) Goliath
10)New Texas Giant

Edward M

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Hoping to get 2 more this year (Lighning Rod and Wicked Cyclone), but it feels like it is time for an update.

1. Wildfire
2. Medusa
3. Outlaw Run
4. Lightning Rod
5. Goliath
6. Wicked Cyclone
7. Joker
8. Iron Rattler
9. Storm Chaser
10. New Texas Giant
11. Twisted Colossus

Bat Fastard

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Update of the ones I've ridden-
1. Outlaw Run
2. Goliath
3. Storm Chaser
4. New Texas Giant
Hoping to get on Iron Rattler at the end of this summer.