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Rank the Flamingo Land coasters

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(This hasn't been done before?)

If you've ridden a defunct coaster, feel free to rank those too!

#1 Sik
Rank #8 of #150
Very intense and a lovely restraint with punchy inversions, with the corkscrews especially being my favourite. First drop & loop I forgot immediately though, but the airtime hill and the cobra roll were oddly fun. Rolls were a bit too much for me though, they were very intense and I got off the ride with my head spinning (update to the complaining in my trip report: the sickness may be due to tiredness, which is something I can completely get behind). That final roll must be one of the most intense inversions I've ever done.

#2 Kumali
Rank #17 of #150
The bottom of that first drop ALWAYS hits harder than I expect with its surprising forces. The inversions all have point and use to them, providing great positives. Admittedly my first ride was a bit of a blur, but on future rides I was able to "acknowledge" the elements far more which pushed it up the ranks. Short but exhilarating.

#3 Velocity
Rank #21 of #150
Probably the hardest ranking for me to justify, I don't really have much to say about this ride other than "it's just so damn FUN". A blast, simply put. Cannonball Express much?

#4 Hero
Rank #29 of #150
Kind of jumped on the "hating rides you haven't ridden" bandwagon here. Bullied this thing into oblivion... then I rode it, the first corner didn't rattle me into a coma and from there until the brakes I was in hysterical laughter because it was smooth (?!). It's a perfectly acceptable ride, and yes while the edge seats are a bit rattly on the rolls it's not enough for me to really care all that much.

#5 Mumbo Jumbo
Rank #31 of #150
I wish I ranked this higher. The drop is something I have to endure, and while it's something I should've loved, the trims make it something I'm far less able to enjoy. The outerbank is fun, the hangtime section into the dive loop is cool and the final roll is pretty good. I thought the final roll was by far the best element on my first ride, but on my future rides it just kind of blended in with the other stuff and not being a standout. My third ride, this time in the back, rattled all through the course and while some parts hit better it didn't justify a reride.

#5.5 Pinball X
Rank #70 of #150
Whoops, wrong Flamingo. This is Flamingo Park, not Flamingo Land.

#6 Twistosaurus

Rank #88 of #150
Just kind of did exactly what I expected it to do. Hitting corners at some angles can be mildly uncomfortable but the helix is alright, and quite good if you catch it while facing down.

#7 Runaway Mine Train
Rank #104 of #150
Surprising kick to it with a comical little dip right before the station.

#8 Dino Roller
Rank #106 of #150
Lack of trims on the first two laps make it much better than the others of this model.

#9 Zooom!
Rank #111 of #150
Corners had some slight humour to them but I do wish it gained a little more speed.