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Posting new topics in Ride Construction


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Because I do agree.. we are all willy nilly in the way we do things.. and I'm bored.. here are the standards that Pokemaniac suggested we adapt.. which can not only keep all of us passerbys updated but keep things in relative order.

Park | Ride name | Manufacturer / Ride type

Or, an example:

Cedar Point | maXair | HUSS Giant Frisbee

If something is announced/something has changed:

  • Change the topic title yourself (if you created the thread)
    Post it in the topic
    PM ECG and he'll do it.

Simple. ;)


East Coast(er) General
Staff member
I'm the team member that keeps things in order in the construction topics and it's another time consuming job for me that I could use everyone's help with. If you notice that I haven't updated or have incorrect info in the topic headline (i.e. it still says 'unknown' in the name, manufacturer or type field) or unstickied a ride/park that's opened or stickied a new topic, please pm me to let me know.