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Matt N

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Wonder if it's as :emoji_poop: as its Italian clone?
What's wrong with DiVertical @Lofty? I always think it looks like a good water coaster from the POVs, but I suppose I've never ridden. Is it rough or something? Or is it just more boring in reality than it looks on video? Or is it something else entirely? I'd be interested to know, as I've heard quite a few criticise DiVertical.


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It's so boring. The most exciting element is the lift. You feel absolutely nothing throughout the entire course and due to the way the drop is profiled, it feels like it takes AGES to get to the bottom. Just a really boring ride.

Matt N

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Oh! It always looks quite good from POVs, so I'm surprised to hear that it's boring in real life!


This kind of thing does not go unnoticed by us - discussion here:

Nice picture though, and welcome to the forum!


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It's funny looking back at this thread five years on. You would have been shot down if you predicted back then it would be adding some of the most exciting-looking rides in Europe and expanding at the rate it is.