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Plopsaland de Panne | The Ride to Happiness | Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster | 2021


Hyper Poster

I love the element after the second launch! The whole thing looks like it flows really well, and the spinning isn't too intense. I can see this being a hit for the park, especially if they can persuade families to try it!

Matt N

CF Legend
Wow; I’ve got to say, it looks absolutely phenomenal! Surprisingly intense in places for a Mack, as well!

In fact, while I know it’s hard to judge a coaster prior to riding, I actually think this looks more fun than the Silver Dollar City prototype, personally!


Giga Poster
This will be this year's sleeper hit. It looks such a step up from Time Traveller, with a nice array of elements, better flow and overall amazing look.


Mega Poster
still not over how rct3-esque that first air time camel hump thing is, it looks so janky with the big spinner trains going over it but my god it looks like a laugh.


Hyper Poster
I love how you can't see the track whilst on the ride for much of it -giving it a chaotic yeeting into nothingness and tumbling through the air sensation which I hope will translate when actually riding it!


Mega Poster
Goddamn, this looks phenomenal! And that POV is great, everyone seems like they're having an awesome time.


Mega Poster
I like what I see. Great ride experience I read everywhere from people that rode it the last day(s).
A video showing the queue, I was really surprised how good the theming is.

I said it before and I repeat myself:
The strong comments from the park director, a theme for not typical Plopsaland goers and the intenseness of the ride.
I believe this is a wrong placement. But that said, they did a very very good job. I must say.

And I am jealous I aren't able to ride it in the near future.


Roller Poster
Looks great, and the queue line looks great. I hope they keep the free spin, maybe at selected time intervals.
Any1 know how the launch is compared to helix or blue fire?


Hyper Poster
I can't tell if it's just my aging eyes and poor coordination, but does the first launch seem to have an extra little boost after all the cars are past the spin-inducer?