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Pleasure Island *kinda* crowd funding a new ride


Goon of the Year
We are excited to inform you that we are launching a very special promotion allowing you to purchase a 2015 season pass for just £38 each. The aim of this promotion is to raise enough funds to purchase one (or more) of the following;

A 16 seater 4D cinema (project cost approximately £175,000)
An all singing, all dancing go kart track (project cost approximately £190,000)
A family water ride (project cost tbc but in the region of £800,000)

So for just £38 each you can enjoy unlimited access to Pleasure Island during the 2015 season. As a further bonus for those who did not purchase a 2014 season pass, we will allow you to use the pass throughout October (October 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 26th and 29th 2014). The passes go on sale from SEPTEMBER 20th – OCTOBER 3rd 2014. Season passes will return to the normal rate of £65 each following the end of the promotion.

The minimum number of passes we need to sell is 4600 which I am sure we can achieve. IMPORTANT NOTICE; PLEASE NOTE THAT IF WE DO NOT SELL THE MINIMUM AMOUNT REQUIRED WE WILL RETURN ALL FUNDS AS SOON AS THE PROMOTION HAS FINISHED – IE OCTOBER 4th 2014. YOU WILL THEN BE ABLE TO PURCHASE THE 2015 SEASON PASSES AT THE NORMAL RATE OF £65 SHOULD YOU WISH. This offer is available to anyone hence the more people you tell about this the more chance we have of achieving our goal so please spread the word on facebook and twitter or when you are simply talking to friends.

We will take card details at this time, but no card payments will be processed until the end of the promotion.
Card details will be stored in a securely locked safe room. If the promotion is successful, all payments will be processed 4th- 7th October – no notification will be sent.

If the minimum sale figure is not reached, all card details will be destroyed and any cash payments will be refunded– customers must collect this money, it will not be posted out.

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Yeah they were handing out letters with all that detail on as I left the place last weekend. Smacks of desperation IMHO.

Martyn B

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Would be good if they achieve it, 3 new attractions could do wonders for the little place!

Maybe they should think of selling some of their rides? They have far too many flats for such a small park!


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^But nooo I love the flats at Pleasure Island, they're so **** and tacky that they're good :p

Can't deny that a new ride will help brighten the place up a bit though. It is in need of some good old TLC.


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^^ Definitely don't want them to lose any of their flats. They're the only good rides at the park and are run on really intense and long cycles <3 :--D . A family water ride would be good for the park


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If we don't sell enough cheap annual passes, we'll cancel those that have been sold and resell them to you at double the price.

Absolutely **** ludicrous bit of marketing which serves one purpose only: to demonstrate that the park is on its arse.


Goon of the Year
We've had many people asking for an update on the season pass promotion, so we thought we'd better keep you all in the loop.
Unfortunately it is now clear that we will not be able to reach the target required to purchase the advertised attractions.
However as a way of saying thank you for your support, we will be honoring the £38 rate for all those who have bought passes so far, and for any purchased before 5pm on Friday 3rd October.
I'm sure you can appreciate that we must now go back to the drawing board and rethink our plans for the 2015 season, but we will keep you updated on future developments.
We understand that some of you may be a little disappointed that we cannot go ahead with the advertised attractions, but please be assured that there will still be improvements and additions for the 2015 season.
For anybody who has already purchased a pass, you do have the option to cancel. If you do not wish to go ahead with the purchase, please give us a call on 0844 504 0104 ext 221
Thank you so much to all those who have ordered season passes over the past 2 weeks. Your support is very much appreciated. Don't forget, if you would like to use your passes this Saturday you are more than welcome (full payment must be received before any tickets will be issued). Please feel free to give us a call if you would like us to process the payment now.

https://www.facebook.com/dewarsaville/p ... 4405579092

Shame they are going to miss the target, but honouring the passes brought already.


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Terrible marketing.

They needed to sell 4,605 passes just to fund the first attraction... 30,658 for all three attractions... did they genuinely have a business plan to back this up as a realistic target to achieve or are they just stupidly overoptimistic?

Hartlepool did a good offer on season tickets a few years back, they were priced at £200 each however if they sold 4,000 the price went down to £150 each for everyone, if they sold 5,000 the price went down to £100 each (which they hit). Perhaps they should have done something along the lines of this?

Martyn B

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I just guessed that they already had the funds for the new attractions, and this was just a push for season pass sales....

Guess not.