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'Please keep your arms inside the ride at all times'

Do you...

  • Put your arms in the air?

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  • Hold restraints?

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  • Sit with arms on lap?

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  • Mixture?

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A mixture. Maybe on a first ride i'd hold on but after that, hands up probably. Unless it's really rough :p

Mr Nash

It depends on what I'm riding.

On Inverts,then it's arms up from start to finish.

Launched i.e Stealth or Rita,then it's arms down for the launch,then arms up from then on.

Spinners it's usual arms up all the way,anything else really depends on how I'm feeling.


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theRock-steel said:
Holding on is no fun. I don't want to hurt myself either (with my arms going everywhere). I usually just rest them on my knees.

Polite riding - my usual position too nowadays. I find I'm too big in the upper body to put my arms up on anything with OTSR, so it's the only way.

Lap bars though, I tend to keep them up, but not if they're riugh and I need bracing (Stampeda, I'm looking at YOU!)


A-Kid said:
Rita spikes in G's to much to be able to keep arms up. (Stealth has that problem too)

how can you not hold your arms up?

its so slow and ****ty - i held my hands up on Kingda Ka, was amazing :)


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Rob said:
Hands up, with the only exception being Colossus, I keep them up until the second corkscrew where I always get scared I'm gonna whack the supports on the turn around. Then on the inlines I try to touch the catch nets, then one the last inline I cower for fear of touching the ground.

Colossus also has the only time I've ever hit a tree whilst on a coaster credit :p

I put my hands up on the last inline, and my hand brushed a bramble :oops:

I swap, especially on The Big One, Colossus and The Ultimate!