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Planet Coaster (or other games) for Mac


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Has anyone been able to successfully run Planet Coaster on a Mac without using Boot Camp (i.e. using Parallels)?

Also, what games do you feel are the best coaster/theme park simulators for Mac?




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The best is probably OpenRCT2. Basically a free version of RCT but with more mods and customization, multiplayer, and other features. It's great.

Would love to play Planet Coaster too, but I'm also on a Mac and even if they did make Mac version (which I doubt) my laptop would still have a hard time running it.


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Not a 'game' in the same way that RCT or Planet Coaster, but No Limits 2 is now a available on Mac.

Through the Steam store, I believe.


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Kinda disappointing that nobody have mentioned Parkitect yet. It can best be described as a modernized RCT2, lacking a few small features but improving in so many others. It has its own thread in this section, and I believe it runs like a charm on Mac too.

I know it's still technically in development, but the game is mostly complete by now, lacking only a campaign mode which is set to be introduced some time this autumn. In the meantime, new rides and/or scenery is introduced every month. Follow its development in weekly posts at http://themeparkitect.tumblr.com/