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Planet Coaster (2016)


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^Like I said in the other topic you created: "Welcome to CF!"

Please take some time to look around and get familiar with the Forums to see where the appropriate places are to post topics (as was the case with your other post) and if topics already exist that you can reply to rather than starting a duplicate one (as was the case with this one). I've taken care of both so you can see what I'm referring to and I hope you enjoy being part of our community of coaster enthusiasts.


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Pre order, at least.

This game looks **** incredible. All I hope is that we see newer coaster types(B&M Wingrider, RMCs, etc). Otherwise, I'm buying this.

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Both games look promising.

Frontier has the advantage of being experienced. But bear in mind they shipped RCT3 with awful in game supports that had to be modded around (and was a pain to do).

Only good things can come out of this.

Either one will be better for the design aspect and one will be better for the Tycoon aspect.
Or one will be the best.

Funny how we have two themepark games being developed at the same time, when before no one could be arsed except for coaster enthusiasts themselves.


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That does look utterly fantastic!

This is like the old bus joke now, we wait ages for a new rollercoaster/theme park game and 3 come along at once!


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Some new photos

Guest flow on paths (curved!):

Guest reactions on-ride (possible physics based influence):


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Looks like we're going to have developer vlogs!

And this game looks incredible. They're talking crowds of 20,000+ people in a park, each with their own individual expression and action/reaction with something. And the animation looks fantastic. Cannot wait!


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I'm looking forward to them adding more vlogs.
What we have heard so far sounds good, but I feel like we have heard little, yet they're opening for pre-order?!

I hope both games are good.
I have stopped following Themepark studio because it's too sophisticated right now.


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This just looks so fantastic, I'm so happy that their will be tunnels and building that are actually used as buildings too!

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Oh wow. There's a lot in there that has sold this to me. The grid system, the landscape tools, the way buildings are constructed and animatronics!

I still have a couple of concerns but I'm hoping they'll be covered in one of the next videos.

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I'm still concerned about the coaster design tool. Any 3D path modelling system like that is always awkward and frustrating. Frontier's last version of it in Screamride was awkward and annoying, so I'm concerned.

I think that using the grid system and pre-created elements is still the way forward on coaster construction too, but with intelligent scaling and fitting to smooth things off. A happy in between. If you want complex coaster design, there's No Limits. If you want a fun theme park game, then you need to make the caster design as easy as possible.

It's the best looking of the pretenders in terms of balancing ease and complexity so far. Fingers crossed it does work out.


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I think the best Coaster Creator tool is that for Parkitect; it has the same basic curves and hills as that in RCT3, but you can edit/smooth them. You can actually make smooth wooden coasters.