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Pigs in a Blanket =]


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Now for those American members out there, when I say "Pigs in a Blanket" I'm not talking about a hot dog sausage wrapped in pastry, I am of course talking about the festive food that accompanys the Chritmas Roast here in what you like to call the United Kingdom of England-land :lol:

I mean the man (or woman) who had the idea of wrapping pork sausage meat in bacon was a bloody genius! I'm sitting here smelling the things and I just simply can't wait for my Xmas dinner now! :--D


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I love them. I took about four for my Christmas Dinner and was sad when I asked for more but they had all been eaten. :(


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My dad made ours and they weren't cooked for long enough so they sucked and were all pale and gross =[


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Who the hell calls them pigs in a blanket? i've never heard that in my lifeuntil now.

But yeh LOVE them. I'd eat them all year round, but it would ruin xmas.


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They've always been pigs in blankets - a Pig (as in pork) wrapped in a blanket (bacon).

They are delicious! I overload my plate with them for xmas dinner, but I do eat and enjoy them throughout the rest of the year.


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I love them, had loads of them on Christmas Day but I never ate them at any other time of year. Although you can probably try and make your own but I would make a mess of it.


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We know what pigs in a blanket are!
You don't have to act like we're clueless. :shock: