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Picture of Nemesis' Corkscrew: The Wrong Way?


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furie said:
Girl in the front is wearing a "Your Day" RFID transmitter (Wristband)... that's a bit odd - she must have been photographed at Alton, or Your Day had a foot in Thorpe's door and the photo was "future proofed"!
Hahaha, well spotted!

They've really mashed that one together!


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furie said:
Inverse said:
Stealth's promotional image is a B&M.
Hey, that's just like the new Al... Oh, wait... No, not allowed to say anything ;) :p
You aren't being serious are you, because if you are I made a fool of myself :oops: :p

No, I'm not being serious, just taking the piss out of Ollie a bit -furie

thought so :p