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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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Uhm I thought everybody knows? During the station, lift and darkride part the seats are rotated side by side.
What i mean is doing bonus rotations during the dark ride section to make it feel like the seats are shaking etc .

Im not sure about the capabilities of the motors, but theoretically you could even do something like a 4D coaster and spin the seats through a full sideways inversion...Imagine hiding that as a pre launch surprise!
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Also, just post the leaked pov on r/rollercoasterjerk
You won't get mods 'respecting the parks wishes' there.
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Share it or don't, but the whole "10 likes and I'll release it" shtick is just a bit desperate.

I'm genuinely really happy for you that you're able to be so close to the project, but nobody likes a showoff ;)

Also great for doing that against the park’s wishes and also anonymously....such a hero ?


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Yeah let's keep complaining about someone throwing an onride video online. I wonder if he's keeping his word. But I expect a beautiful 4k onride from FLY tomorrow. Otherwise please delete your account :D Then we can peacefully continue to talk about walls and stuff.. Please give a like when you saw this post. Thanks :)
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