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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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As amazing as some of these suggestions are I believe the name's meaning is far simpler, and the 'flying launch' matching the first 2 letters a coincidence.

F.L.Y. comes from the English word "fly".
The dots are presumably just a style thing as the project name for this newly invented flying machine by the Air Rail Company. Very much a 'does what it says on the tin kind' of name.
Forget Logic, Yo.

Anyone who believes the Y stands for anything other than Yoghurt is clearly not in their right mind.


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Even on the weekend work continues at Rookburgh. To hide the ventilation systems on the roofs of the hotel towers these curved covers are being added at the sides. Pictured is the back of tower 1 viewed from the street.

The backside of Hotel Charles Lindbergh's reception, which sits underneath hotel room tower 3, is receiving its final painting and detailing by Universal Rocks. The maintenance access balconies for the back of the tower's top 2 floors are receiving their permanent railings.

The back of the sound barrier wall behind Maus au Chocolat facing the Berlin area has receieved false windows. Source: PHL Marcus on PhantaFriends.de

Hotel Matamba reopened on 1st July giving a look at the new features of the hotel garden partly redesigned alongside the newly built direct to park entrance.

New outdoor seating for the hotel restaurant.


New covered viewing platform of Black Mamba and seating area beside the hotel bar.






Some of the seating along the new park pathway beside the new park Bar Kirmbu



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Would truly be great. But I think that's far from being clear at this point.

Speaking of it, I was wondering if we could find some vague hints to guess whether it will be 2020 or 2021. For instance, is there anybody out that follows the construction closely enough to have some feeling about whether they now pursue construction in the same speed than before the Corona shutdown in February? I know it's probably hard to asses but maybe one can find some indication whether they are running the construction with full capacity or not. The thing is, if they decided to postpone opening to 2021 I could imagine that they wouldn't push for sticking to the original schedule but would reshuffle things whenever possible and economically beneficial. Any observations that help us here?


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Speaking of it, I was wondering if we could find some vague hints to guess whether it will be 2020 or 2021.
Im am quite certain that its going to be 2021. Judging from the current state of construction, they might have planned a June/July opening like for Taron. But with the limited capacity due to Covid 19 + to minimize outgoing cashflow they appear to have it slowed down as much as they could to open in a new season. Maybe Winter 2020 if restrictions are gone, but otherwise it will most likely be 2021.

As they do not make test rides anymore, I assume that every ride check is complete and "TÜV geprüft", so the ride is allowed to carry guests. You don't normally plan such things half a year early, so this is a big hint for the planned opening date.

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they appear to have it slowed down as much as they could to open in a new season.

Wait, is that something you assume or actually observe? That was my whole point...
If they have slowed down significantly, I guess I can safely abandon my hopes for this year (and consider celebrating the annual disappointment day...;))
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These are mostly minor works. Installing a lamp does not take much time, neither does the placement of the zeppelins. We do not know about the state of the hotel on the inside, but all I see is some finishing work on the outside.
The Test rides can be mostly done by the park staff and Vekoma, and Vekoma will most likely be already contracted.

From what I can observe, it looks like the park has kept the work going on what they already contracted, and did not issue any more contracts.

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Now they’re doing this, could Phantasialand potentially have close to a full season this year, as they opened at the end of May, and don’t they usually not open until April anyway?