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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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The wall from Hotel Matamba looks a bit sad. Quite... flat? Hope there's a bit more detail or something to make it feel a bit more 3D...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Looks like a nice day, too. :)
Yeah its a potential concern of mine too.
However the impression of one straight flat wall from that picture is false, as partially seen at the top of the aerial image shared by lostfrequentie, it has angle changes throughout which hopefully helps give it a more 3D feel. Plus this is not the perspective we are suppose to see - hopefully once inside the area and when surrounded by other theming structures its will look and feel alright and not like a big box of factory walls around you...

Back though to the speculation of the hotel entrance being in the archway in the middle of the new steel structure.
At first I was doubtful since the corner of land behind the rooms would logically be the place for a spacious (by PHL standards) entrance building. However since the openings towards this corner in the high ceiling space (presumed lobby or part of the lobby) under the new curved block of rooms have now been bricked up minus a gap for a door.

Now I presume just this will serve as a small lobby - I suppose grandeur aside a few reception desks are all you really need. This space is also well located with access to all tower blocks and the restaurant being possible from here.

So guests would enter at this archway, then turn left, go through a corridor and enter through a doorway into the lobby.
Perhaps this corridor might have some windows or openings giving a view of F.L.Y. passing directly by in front of you and around the hotel buildings - such a first impression would certainly excuse the lack of grand lobby like Matamba and Ling Bao have.

EDIT: Although I want to avoid any neverending deadline/opening debates starting up again - just one final thought from me.
All major civil engineering is now finally complete in this project - the area structure, the coaster and hotel buildings are done and standing.
Really all that remains now is theming, fitting out/furnishing of the hotel rooms and other area buildings/facilities, and testing F.L.Y. - of course each task is extensive and challenging enough with their limitations and the quality that is expected of this project. Not quite there yet but still I feel the end is in sight, and I'd confidently predict should no major problems arise a Spring 2020 opening - hopefully for the start of season on the 4th April but if not certainly between then and the end of June.
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I've got a visit planned for next May and with every passing day it seems more and more likely Rookburgh will be ready! Honestly would be such a pleasant surprise.


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I was thinking, phantasialand has grown insanely in enthusiast popularity since Taron (and from Chiapas too etc), imagine what the hype is going to be like when this area actually opens. I bet you could almost fill the park solely with enthusiasts! You won't be able to move for vloggers for months! It's going to be crazy!


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But I have a doubt! I do not believe that they used the real train! Such a train is very heavy and it would be very difficult to pull one threw the layout. I guess, they used such an "Test Train" like for Taron.

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I don't if the real trains are already in Brühl, but I heard they had some small problems putting a train on the track. They mad some tools to fix the problem.


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I was so hyped for fly. But I have one "Big" probleme. I'm a 2M 140kg guy.
So I'm afraid that the restrains won't fit :/
I see that Vekoma uses braces for Big guys #disneylandparis. So I can fit in most to all Vekoma trains.
But I'm not sure this one will be able to handle me :p

Any thoughts of this?