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Phantasialand | Avoras | 2024


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Mamba currently has a staggered opening this week for construction work on the Adventure Trail.

Additionally while the flat ride move and maze demolition discussed in this thread have naturally led to speculation about the future of the Crazy Bats/Hollywood Tour site - it occurred to me China was the only area to not receive any of the new information points.

Of course both sites are undoubtedly the next 2 major projects: it’s a question of when not if. Has Hollywood Tour’s premature end meant they’ve swapped plans around? Or is, as has been rumoured for years, China still set to be modernised next?



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Since DiA's retheming in 2018 I thought the wooden structure in the monkey rock (which functions as the monkey's mouth) is a door opening.

Could there be a staircase inside the rock leading to the mouth and makes it a possible place for the slide?


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I feel that would ruin the look of the theming feature. However this definitely seems to be going through the structure somehow there - whether they already made allowances/left space for an interior passage or stairs to accommodate this in future who knows. It’s quite possible considering how much Phantasialand masterplan. Although I could also imagine a staff access route could always existed inside and this may have just been repurposed.


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From RideOnBlog.de some updates on the Adventure Trail. Major construction work seems to have wrapped up with just finishing touches being done now.
Entrance sign in place, queue time screen just missing from its frame.



The Roller Slide which will be the trail's finale has been covered/themed as a bridge over the pathway beside the Monkey Rock theming feature.



With most of the trail out of sight at the back of the area and intertwined in the coaster and jungle it's difficult to really get an overview however there appears to be plenty new themed structures and towers poking up out of the overgrowth. Should a nice family/kids attraction and provide some great new interaction and photo ops with Black Mamba.

It appears to be very close to opening - I'd guess however it will like Rookburgh simply open without warning sometime during this or next week.


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A beautiful addition, imagine how many signs Merlin would need to stick around this thing if it was in the UK.


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It looks a lot more exciting than I had predicted tbh. Not sure how I feel about the obstacles over water, I know I'd be the mug that slips and ends up hitting my face on a nice, bespoke Universal Rocks boulder. I guess there are worse ways to go?


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Wow how did they manage to fit this in so perfectly in the already filled Africa part? This had to be in the planning when they build deep in Africa. Kudos for PHL!


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It's truly remarkable how they've managed to do this and make it feel like it was designed as part of the land, and not retrospectively added in 16 years later. And, on top of that, it looks like a fun and enjoyable adventure trail for everyone!


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Wow how did they manage to fit this in so perfectly in the already filled Africa part? This had to be in the planning when they build deep in Africa. Kudos for PHL!
Surely they must've made room for it when they redid the rockwork a few years back? It's impressive work either way.


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Wow, that looks incredible. We were there yesterday and it wasn't open, still closed off with metal barriers. If it wasn't for the updates from @CSLKennyNI I don't think I would have even known it was there!

Look forward to exploring it on a future visit.


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Opening confirmed for tomorrow!

Website page has gone live too. Minimum restrictions for this will be 90cm and 3 years old accompanied, 1,20cm alone. Also confirmed to be open for both summer and winter seasons.


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Looks very good. Was not expecting this, when the first construction pictures came online.
Way bigger than I thought. But looks amazing.


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Alongside Africa the other construction project this season in Berlin has wrapped up. The former Kaiser Snack quick service restaurant and neighbouring stairs up to Mexico were partially demolished and that corner of the main square redesigned. The new structure has two larger stairways to cope with the flow of guests better and a larger terrace on top.
The interior of the expanded building isn't yet finished - a prominent glass canopy entry in the middle of the stairs has been created.



One rumour has been that a much needed toilets facility for the Berlin area would be build. Which certainly could be what these two doorways on the side of the new part of the building are for.

Given the main glass entry, and it is doubtful toilets would take up the whole building space - the presumed other purpose of the new development remains a mystery. Few theories are going around - the best one in my opinion would be that Guest Services move into this new, more prominent location.
Moving it out of the 4D cinema opposite would then pave the way for this outdated relic to finally be redeveloped for a new Berlin attraction/show.

Seems to be some activity too at the SBNO Hollywood Tour with a boat(s) being removed from the building. Given the premature closure however I still wouldn't take this as a sign of anything exciting - could just be they now finally have the time and money to remove the ride rather than let it decay until the whole complex goes.


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I kinda wish they just built a tunnel to the plaza before Chiapas’s entrance, tbh. It’s awkward having to go up a flight of stairs in Berlin only to then have to descend another flight of stairs in Mexico just to get to it. They tore out a section of the Berlin street to make the Rookburgh tunnel, so this shouldn’t be unfeasible.