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Peppa Pig theme park at Legoland Florida | USA |2022


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Construction tour of the park with some good shots of the Zamperla coaster:-

Would this thread not be better off in park construction?


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From the footage I've seen it looks (and sounds) as if it has a little bit of a vibration issue when riding, which for a coaster this size I find hilarious! Looks like a cute little park although I'm not sure if there's enough there to warrant it being a second gate. Unless I'm mistaken that it is actually a second gate.


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So, I've just returned home after our visit to the park and I have a myriad of thoughts.

First, we had a great time. They did an excellent job of bringing a very 2D cartoon to 3D life. It was very cute and clean and theming was very well done. There are only six rides, but they have a miniature water play structure mixed with a splash pad, as well as a theater, playground, sand area, free games/activities, and area where kids can ride tricycles. It doesn't sound like much, but the kids eat it up. My daughter absolutely loved it and would have stayed there all day if we would have let her, but we were getting scorched by the sun.

This brings up the first of a few problems; there is a major lack of shade. There are some trees in the park, but none are big enough to provide any real shade. They have some tarp-based shade structures which are helpful, but there just aren't enough of them. We were there for four hours and got roasted. Heat-wise, it wasn't too bad today, but they do not have any fans installed around the queues, so I fear that this place will become insufferable in the summer.

The rides are also really low capacity and, in some cases, have strangely long cycles. We waited 45 minutes to ride a frog hopper and the queue wasn't even full. I give them a lot of grace as they've only been open for a week, but I hope they tweak some things in the coming months.

While I could go on, I'm going to cut to the chase now and get to what you goons really want; the Daddy Pig's Roller Coaster ride review that you all have been yearning for. It was actually pretty enjoyable for a kiddie coaster. It had really nice theming and it tracked pretty well for a kiddie coaster. The launch doesn't provide all that much acceleration, but it was still noticeable. Unfortunately, the cars themselves have freakishly high sides. Despite the fact that my daughter cleared the height requirement by a few inches, the top of the car was even with the top of her head so she couldn't even see out of the car. A bit of a strange miss.

Regardless, it's a neat place and we really enjoyed ourselves.