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Paultons Park | Tornado Springs | New Area | 2021


Zoos, yes. Not necessarily parks, but Paulton's has a Zoo element and they may be allowed a partial open.

The pressure is there for Zoos because they desperately need the income to support the animals. This is why parks were allowed to open when they did last year.

Matt N

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Parks were open alongside shops in Tier 3 areas pre-lockdown, while pubs and restaurants had to close, so I don’t necessarily think that we’ll be waiting until pubs and restaurants reopen for theme parks to reopen like we were last summer.
I think that’s the land directly behind Cyclonator but apart from that I have no idea what that could be. I don’t think that’s where the suspected 2022 coaster is, that is over to the left relative to that photo


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Do you think what they are doing behind the tractors ride will be a 2023 addition or is that next year and they might be teasing for something else?
I definitely think that the construction behind Trekking Tractors and the Cyclonator is for 2022. I may be wrong but I think they may already have mentioned that in a tweet.

Matt N

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Isn’t the area with the crane over a bit from where the footers are? Maybe this could be something bigger, with the station being by Cyclonator where the footers are and the layout extending over to where this picture is being taken?


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I wouldn't be surprised if Mack actually offered this as some sort of deal with Storm Chaser. Judging by the size of that plot of land, I doubt it will be bigger than Baaaa-coaster, if not a clone.


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Not looked at this in any detail, but meh, a cred's a cred :)

I reckon it'd be quite well themed too. It may just be because I have so little hope of getting to more interesting places any time soon, but I'm really looking forward to seeing this in 'the flesh'.