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Patent by Disney for New Track System


Giga Poster
It seems like it would be simpler than a regular drop track.
Basically it works like a magic carpet ride instead.


Strata Poster
How fast would the rotation be? Just curious as to how something like this would work, in terms of redundancy measures. Would it have magnetic brakes on part of the rotating element to ensure it doesn't slam into the track below if something were to go wrong? Or would the points of rotation have some sort of decelerator integrated to it so it can only go so fast?

No idea how mechanics like the one proposed would work, but if someone more knowledgable could shed some insight/an educated guess, I'd be all ears.


Mega Poster
Could this maybe be a system designed to increase ride capacity? I feel like if you had a dual loading station with this thing right after it it could maybe be quite a quick dispatch system