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Parc Asterix | Tonnerre 2 Zeus | Tonnerre de Zeus renovation | 2022


Strata Poster


Strata Poster
A ride that people have always raved to me about and I've never understood why.

Hopefully this has done it some good :)


Giga Poster
Do these trains feature seatbelts? This overhaul looks amazing. The ride's pacing is great as well as the little touches like the nod to the old helix mid ride and the tunnel with mist and special effects.


Giga Poster
the nod to the old helix mid ride
Did not notice this first time round, love it.

As great as RMCs are, I'm really pleased to see this as another way of rejuvenating an ageing wooden coaster without turning it into a steel one.

Looking forward to trying it, but of course I will be waiting for the Intamin.


Giga Poster
That thing used to crawl through the last helix so very pleased to see that it now takes the last half with quite a bit of speed.