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Parc Astérix New Additions


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Construction appears to be underway for what’s rumored to be a new scare attraction and a Zamperla Vertical Swing (Zamperla’s take on a Star Flyer) coming to the Egypt area in 2024. Additional landscaping for OzIris is also in the works.




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A little sad they didn't pick the Huss Top Spin, the concept art for that was awesome.
Intrigued if the Haunted Mansion is a year-round attraction or just something for their Halloween season.


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Some interesting points from park CEO Delphine Pons in an interview regarding the park’s future ambitions;
The Parc Astérix CEO describes Festival Toutatis as: “A park within a park. OzIris, the last big land to be built, is more or less the same. You have a big ride [a B&M inverted coaster], a kiddie coaster [Sos Numérobis] which was naturally integrated into the area, F&B and a shop. We will continue with this strategy in future, to build full lands which are autonomous.”
A natural move for some theme parks as they add accommodation is to consider a second gate offering.

“Maybe you read that in the press two years ago,” says Pons. “It was an idea. We studied the opportunity to have a second gate waterpark. It is not in the masterplan for the next 10 years. We think that we still have some opportunities to expand the [main] park. There may be a project of a small waterpark, but really reserved for the hotel guests.”
Pons reveals that: “Besides the park, we plan to increase the accommodation capacity, to develop a fourth hotel. So I am very willing to invest in, yes the park and the hotels, but also the staff. We are putting money into an expansion and renovation of the backstage. To create a more comfortable work environment for the people who are so passionate about Parc Astérix.”
For the 2024 season, a new flat ride is destined for the Egyptian zone. There will also be a special musical show in the Théâtre de Panoramix to celebrate both the 35th anniversary of Parc Astérix and also the 75th anniversary of the Astérix comics.
Full interview here


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Concept art for the expanded Egypt area and the Zamperla Vertical Swing, dubbed La Tour De Numérobis, has appeared: