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Construction appears to be underway for what’s rumored to be a new scare attraction and a Zamperla Vertical Swing (Zamperla’s take on a Star Flyer) coming to the Egypt area in 2024. Additional landscaping for OzIris is also in the works.




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Moved to a new thread as probably not appropriate to keep it linked to Toutatis. Open to title changes if someone can suggest something else.


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A little sad they didn't pick the Huss Top Spin, the concept art for that was awesome.
Intrigued if the Haunted Mansion is a year-round attraction or just something for their Halloween season.


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Some interesting points from park CEO Delphine Pons in an interview regarding the park’s future ambitions;
The Parc Astérix CEO describes Festival Toutatis as: “A park within a park. OzIris, the last big land to be built, is more or less the same. You have a big ride [a B&M inverted coaster], a kiddie coaster [Sos Numérobis] which was naturally integrated into the area, F&B and a shop. We will continue with this strategy in future, to build full lands which are autonomous.”
A natural move for some theme parks as they add accommodation is to consider a second gate offering.

“Maybe you read that in the press two years ago,” says Pons. “It was an idea. We studied the opportunity to have a second gate waterpark. It is not in the masterplan for the next 10 years. We think that we still have some opportunities to expand the [main] park. There may be a project of a small waterpark, but really reserved for the hotel guests.”
Pons reveals that: “Besides the park, we plan to increase the accommodation capacity, to develop a fourth hotel. So I am very willing to invest in, yes the park and the hotels, but also the staff. We are putting money into an expansion and renovation of the backstage. To create a more comfortable work environment for the people who are so passionate about Parc Astérix.”
For the 2024 season, a new flat ride is destined for the Egyptian zone. There will also be a special musical show in the Théâtre de Panoramix to celebrate both the 35th anniversary of Parc Astérix and also the 75th anniversary of the Astérix comics.
Full interview here


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Concept art for the expanded Egypt area and the Zamperla Vertical Swing, dubbed La Tour De Numérobis, has appeared:






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An environmental plan has been submitted which basically outlines the decade-long plan to expand the park, split into two phases:

Phase 1 (2024-2028):


  • (1) Expanding the Greece area with a new attraction (capacity at 800pph), 400-seater restaurant, new buildings and pathways.
  • (2j Expanding ”Hotel de 3 Hilboux” with 108 rooms, expanded parking lot, new restaurants and shops
  • (3) A fourth resort hotel with 300 rooms
  • (4) Expanded hotel guest entrance
  • (5) Complete removal of the Paris street area (already in progress with the upcoming closure of ”National 7”) to be replaced with new attractions, shops, and backstage areas. The theme of the new land hasn’t been disclosed.
  • (6) Expansion of the main parking lot and bus areas.

Phase 2 (2028-2031):


  • (7) Fifth hotel with 150 rooms
  • (8) Hotel-specific indoor facility (speculated to be an indoor water park)
  • (9) Complete retooling of the viking area, including Goudurix (retrack? removal?)
  • (10) New themed land taking up the parking lot space behind Toutatis

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This information is from a month back, but there's more happening in 2024/2025 than just the Egypt expansion:

  • Le Grand Splatch, the shoot-the-chute water ride at the front of the park, will be renovated and renamed in 2024 to La Revanche des Pirates ("The Revenge of the Pirates"), and the front of the park will now be named "Hispania", sporting a Spanish look.
  • The park aims to remove and replace any theming elements that aren't directly connected to the Astérix universe in the coming years, making the park fully thematically coherent.
  • A new family attraction is coming in 2025, replacing the National 7 antique car ride that closed down at the end of the season.

Concept art has also appeared for a new kebab stall and new restrooms in Egypt:



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Le Figaro has offered some insight into the park's future expansion masterplan;

The 2025 family attraction will have riders "seated face-to-face", which has prompted the rumor mill to cry Gerstlauer spinning coaster. Given the scale of the project and CDA's consistent collaborations with Gerstlauer, this isn't a far fetched theory.

The Greece expansion will happen in 2026 and consist of two kiddy rides and a major restaurant, while the the Rue De Paris removal/replacement will take place between 2027/28 and see a theme more in tone with the comics.

All in all, exciting times for Asterix indeed; https://www.lefigaro.fr/societes/no...tel-les-projets-fous-du-parc-asterix-20231210

In the meantime, a full treasure trove of artwork has been released for the rethemed Grande Revanche Des Pirates (attached below)


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According to an interview in the European Coaster Club's First Drop Magazine, Parc Astérix is currently in negotiations with the local government to raise the height limits put in place at the park, with this apparently being needed for the planned retooling of the Viking area set for between 2028 and 2031.



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The park’s Zerier Tivoli is changing its name from SOS Numérobis to SOS Tournevis this year, likely to avoid confusion with the new Vertical Swing. This will be the fourth name the coaster’s had since it opened in 1990.



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Parc Asterix had to do an environmental study a few months ago that mentioned what their future plans and this weekend, the result of the study was published. Dimension Parcs out of France did an amazing job going through the 1000 pages document and concept arts were extracted and published here: Dimension Parcs X . I translated in english what is coming out of that document.

- Late 2024-early 2025: The Paris streets are starting to get removed. The medieval covered area, the plaza in between the two covered area, the old Paris covered area and the carousel in that area are all getting torn down.

- 2025: Its not in the study, but a concept art showing a Gerstlauer spinning coaster appeared on the construction walls surrounding the old Nationale 7 car ride site.

- Late 2025: Main Basse sur la Joconde (world's best stunt show, with Waterworld as its only rival) and two permanent haunted houses will get torn down.

- 2026: New Zamperla Windstarz, new family freefalls (12 meters tall), water play area and a permanent halloween haunt coming to the greek area in 2026. They are also building a new 400 seats sitdown table service restaurant and a massive 300 rooms hotel will open late 2026 behind the soon to be fully removed Rue de Paris.

- 2027: Start of the new London area that's replacing the Paris streets. First new attraction to open there will a new Alterface Action League interactive ride.

- 2028: Completion of the London Area with the headliner attraction: indoor Intamin Multi-Dimensional coaster with a freefall track and similar things with Uncharted at Port Aventura. Joining that massive ride is a 1000 seats theater, 3 kiddie rides, 2 permanent haunts, restaurants and stores. It will all be covered as the park hopes to open that area during christmas and as close as possible to year-round. To that end, a new "show restaurant" will be built in the hotel zone behind the parks in 2028 as well. - Not detailed, but within a 2030-2034 horizon: replacement of the Viking Area (goodbye Goudurix!), new massive hotel in that area and other new attractions.


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Perhaps this could be merged with the existing Parc Astérix future additions thread? @Hixee

Anyways, going by the layout the 2028 Intamin looks to be a blend of Uncharted and Studio Tour at Movie Park Germany since it seems to have an outdoor section. Apparently it will have three "pits" inside the building which I assume will be for additional ride hardware such as the drop track.


IMO the Greek area is the nicest in the park so the 2026 expansion should help complete it.


Going by an earlier environmental plan the expansion should take up the green space south of the amphitheatre and opposite Vol D'Icare. I'm assuming either the Windstarz or the drop towers will take up the circular space next to the lake, which is currently a seating area.

Parc Asterix 2.jpg
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I visited Parc Asterix for the first time last year and I thought it was a fantastic park - but you could really tell between their new investments and the older areas.

This is going to be very welcome and bring some of those tired areas up to standard with the rest.

I think there is a hugely bright future for this park - and it really deserves it too!


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Loopings.nl reported that Parc Asterix is planning an Egyptian themed hotel für 2026, an expansion to the first hotel in 2028 (+108 rooms) and a fifth hotel for 2028-2031.
You can’t complain about a lack of ambition with this one!

In my opinion the latest one is the best themed hotel I’ve ever seen. Seeing them adding 2 more hotels within 7 years is impressive, especially if they are able to keep up their incredible standards.


Source: https://www.looopings.nl/weblog/254...hotel-openen-in-2026-bekijk-de-ontwerpen.html

Sorry for not naming the hotels, typing from my phone.


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Going by an earlier environmental plan the expansion should take up the green space south of the amphitheatre and opposite Vol D'Icare. I'm assuming either the Windstarz or the drop towers will take up the circular space next to the lake, which is currently a seating area.
Seems right: in the newer version they are allready on the map
Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 00-38-21 Pièce F2_Etude d'impact Fichier 1 VF.pdf.jpg