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OK Corral | Pioneer | Zierer Motocoaster/ESC


Doesn’t Ok Corral have a Mack spinning Coaster already? Would be a tad strange to install a second one. Definitely Zierer, will be interesting to see what’s so different.


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So turns out the train will be a combination of a motocoaster themed to horses and a normal train themed to a stagecoach. Pretty interesting concept!


Matt N

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Oh! It says something about the 5th May 2018 and 13th May 2018 underneath. Is either of these when it's due to open, out of interest?

Matt N

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Ah right. Thanks @Pear! Thought it seemed a bit soon for an opening date considering the state of construction, but quicker turnarounds have been made, I suppose!


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Haha, actually had the idea for Holiday World to do a coaster like this with reindeer motocoaster cars and Santa's sleigh in the back. Like this use of the concept too though! Wonder how it'll ride, I've done one Zamperla motocoaster and the seating arrangement augments the speed nicely but it was really uncomfortable. Riding my first Intamin one in two weeks so I'm curious to see how that'll compare. Now we have another motocoaster product on the market, if they're going halvesies on the trains like this I wonder if that'll make it a more popular choice for parks.