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Of Coasters and Parks that Could Have Been...

Lori Marie Loud

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  • Two of the four Six Flags Ohio 2000 coasters were not originally meant for SFO - rumor is SFKK and the most likely options would be Batman: Knight Flight and Superman: Ultimate Escape (Source (Grain of Salt))
  • Goliath SFOG was meant for SFSTL (Source (Grain of Salt))
  • A Hurricane Harbor was planned for SFNO in 2006. The fact that an actual hurricane turfed that is peak irony - and not Alanis Morrisette "irony", actual irony. (Widely spread, most probably legit)
  • Opryland was in talks with CCI for a new wooden coaster. Then Gaylord decided the land would look better as a mall. (Source)
  • Similarly, Bells had a CCI in the cards - even named "Tulsa Terror". The locals squashed that. (Source)
  • There was an honest attempt at relocating SFNE's Goliath. A small bidding war occurred (frontrunners according to @Wazzupnerds were Frontier City and Great Escape) and after transportation feuds drove all the prospective buyers away all parties involved realized it'd be worth more as scrap metal. Explains why they were removing it so carefully at first. (In DMs, but Wazzup did post about it a bit on the Goliath removal thread)
  • Similarly, what is now Stunt Fall in Madrid and Cobra at Walibi Belgium were initially meant to be in the opposite park - Stunt Fall in Belgium, and Cobra in Spain. Noise complaints from the locals killed SFB's GIB, and Cobra was moved in to replace it. (Source)
  • SFMM almost got sold in '06. God knows what the results would have been. (You can find about a dozen news articles on it and the Wikipedia page has a whole section on it)
  • SFKK flat out announced that in 1999 they would be retheming Chang and T2 to Riddler's Revenge and Batman: The Ride respectively. God knows why that never happened but both are dead now so (Widely circulated, I think it might be on the Wiki page?)
  • After dodging the Riddler, Chang then almost found itself at SFGAm, where it was rumored that it would have been themed to texting (!) and named.... "OMG!". Thank the lord that never happened. Iron Wolf would have co-existed with OMG for a few years before getting turfed. I think OMG was gonna be white track, purple supports. (Discord conjecture by an insider, grain of salt)
  • Following Chang even more, we arrive at Great Adventure. There, a giga, RMC Rolling Thunder and IIRC a hotel (EDIT: X-Flight was meant for here too) were planned. Jumanjaro killed the giga and the hotel (and likely forced X-Flight's relocation), and an inspection of Rolling Thunder led to the discovery that it flat out couldn't have been RMC'd because the supports were in dreadful condition. (Discord conjecture again, but this time by @GuyWithAStick - except for the dreadful supports tidbit which was sourced from a Reddit post)
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I feel like we’re just making stuff up at this point. A lot of this stuff was nothing more than a Dippin’ Dots employee’s wishful thinking.

Lori Marie Loud

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I feel like we’re just making stuff up at this point. A lot of this stuff was nothing more than a Dippin’ Dots employee’s wishful thinking.
Oh! Yeah, good point. I'll update with the sources if I can find them and label some "Grain of Salt".

Matt N

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This is a little known fact, but Thorpe Park nearly built a B&M Hyper Coaster instead of The Swarm in 2012. John Wardley and B&M both wanted a Hyper Coaster, but Merlin didn’t think that a B&M Hyper had enough of a USP, so the Wing Coaster was built instead.

Source: Making Thorpe Park by Chris Atkinson, who I believe cited it from an interview with John Wardley

The exact quote from the book was:
When [B&M] was approached to suggest ideas for the first of the new development islands, they were strongly against using the new Wing model. The flat piece of land didn’t really play to the strengths of the concept, and Wardley felt that a different B&M option should be utilised instead. His preference was a Hyper Coaster, a tall ride that offers high speeds and massive airtime. Having good knowledge of planning restrictions, he was confident that permission could be agreed, and it would be the perfect complement to the four major roller coasters already in operation at Thorpe Park. However, when the suggestion was put forward, the message from the very top of Merlin was a familiar one. They were adamant that any major new attraction would need to have some kind of unique selling point in order to attract the public, and getting their hands on a Wing Coaster would give them an exclusive.

Lori Marie Loud

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I see you didn't see the link, So here's more proof of T2 becoming Batman the Ride
See, T2 becoming Batman was officially confirmed. It's Superman and Knight Flight going over I'm curious about.

EDIT: OH, you must have thought I was talking about T2 becoming Batman in my last post. No, I'm 100% sure that almost happened, what I'm asking for is the evidence that the two coasters from Ohio were planned for SFKK.


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The planned B&M invert and Star Flyer that would've been placed on the land opposite Gröna Lund where Nöjesfältet (a competing park to Grönan) once stood. Would've been a much larger layout compared to what eventually became Monster.




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I feel like we’re just making stuff up at this point. A lot of this stuff was nothing more than a Dippin’ Dots employee’s wishful thinking.
I wish I was making up the Goliath **** lmao there's some SF plans behind the scenes I heard in the past that are WILD