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OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park


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This one's kind of popped up out of the blue but OCT the firm behind the Happy Valley and Vision land Chains of parks in China have announced another new resort.

The resort called Fantasy Resort will include both a theme park and a water park. The theme park called Fabland apparently isn't huge but it does appear it will include a large B&M wing coaster with a new custom layout. And quite a long one at that.

Plan for the park with the wing coaster in the left. Various other rides including a flume and a mine train can be seen.

Image from the announcement which if you peer closely at the text confirms a wing coaster. It also looks like the ride will pierce the covering over the park entrance. A structure which certainly echoes Tron.


Concept art for the whole resort with the theme park on the right and water park on the left.


Here's some more detailed concept art.


Construction of the water park is underway and groundwork for the theme park has also started.


As always more when it happens. :)


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That central bit looks hot. I think I'm a big fan of the corner-entrance for a good 4-corners lake park :p

I'd love someone to do an in-depth study comparing theme park concept art to finished product. There's so much good concept art flying around and discernibly less good actualized theme parks, so I'd be curious to see how they stack up and what features tend to be lost from concept to park.


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The Water part section is now open :)

However this isnt a water park website so looking at the latest update with new art for the Theme Park the Wing Coaster layout has been modified. Its now facing the other way. (it appears to be almost identical but a mirror image)
This image shows it quite clearly.
It also shows the park is getting a wooden coaster

This is again circumstantial but looking at this image
The purply blob at the bottom of this image appeared in the last 2 weeks. It is my conjecture that this is the missing purple track from the B&M factory.
With the water park now open I am hoping there will be some proof sooner rather than later.


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Looks to be a clone of Thunderbird and American Thunder
Agreed. it almost certainly is. While I obviously prefer a custom ride its not a bad ride to clone at all.

Heres the state of the park as of a few days ago.

I made a little diagram just to make things clearer for the coaster buffs (all of us)

Oddly the park will have a 3rd gate as well. A childrens park called OCT Mysterious Life (or something similar) its seems to be more nature related and its not known if it will have any coasters. But this small park is due to open in May 2021.


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