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NL Competition 3 2013 - Size Wise


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Just sent my track in again, it's looking pretty sexy, and im damn proud of it.


I'm a little late here but I'll come up with something, haven't used NL since last summer so I may be a little rusty.


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Quick update: I've received five tracks and it sounds like there are more on the way. I'd absolutely love to see a few more show up in my inbox. From my initial views, I like what I see and this one is shaping up to be the most competitive contest yet!


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Just sent mine in, but I'm having trouble finding where the compressed file got sent. Let me know if I still need to do that, or if you can open the one I already sent.

Thanks as always for such fun comps, as well as for the height limit concession on this one!


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There's still an hour and a half left to submit tracks, but I've received nine tracks this time - a record turnout! The rider's choice will be up later tonight as well as the next contest. Thank you all for entering and making each contest more successful.