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NL Comp 1 2013 - Results!


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I have to say, I'm very pleased with how this first competition went. All of the rides entered were great and everything ran smoothly. So without further ado, here's the results:

6th place, with a total score of 36.21 is Flustercuck by TomahawKSU!

Tom, you lost the most points due to technique. Simple use of continuous role in the nodes would have tremendously improved the smoothness of the ride. Regardless, it was awfully original and adrenaline filled.

5th place, with a total score of 39.86 is Grizzly Twister by Treeis!

Most points were taken off because the ride felt a little too out of control towards the end.

4th place, with a total score of 39.93 is Alphecca by SFOGRICH!

I'm impressed by how much track was spaghetti'd into the box. The main issue was segment length. Having a more uniform segment length will allow for more control and less jerks throughout the circuit.

3rd place, with a score of 46.71 is Panther by Error!

Your ride was realistic, original, and adrenaline filled. There were just a few spots where the forces spiked into the red. Despite the few jerks and rough bits, your skills are improving!

2nd place...

With a score of 49.57...

Flea by Xpress!

You guys can bash Xpress all you want for his love for tools, but he can still defend his hand building with some fantastic tracks. It's obvious that Xpress studied Twister at Grona Lund inside and out - the style is nearly identical. To add to what's already been said, the amount of detail added is astounding. There were a couple slight bumps, but they were almost unnoticeable. Fantastic job.

And the winner...

With 51.57 points...

Sirocco by Jer!

Before the Rider's Choice, both Sirocco and Flea were tied. Jer designed in a nicely balanced mix of style, intensity, aesthetics, and originality. There were a few minor bumps and the ride might have been a helix too short, but overall, Sirocco was a well done package that delivered. Congratulations, Jer!

That wraps up the first No Limits competition of 2013! Thank you to all who entered and offered feedback and suggestions. Don't forget that the second competition is currently underway as well.


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I somehow knew my track would be discovered rather easily amongst my fellow peers :lol: And yes, I did take a lot of inspiration from Twister, trying to pack everything, make it a really tight layout with what I had to work with. Had I more time I probably would have done up a proper station and proper track details.

Oh well, though I do believe Congratulations are in order! Great job Jer, one of my personal favorites!

Though I have to cast SFOGRICH's Alphecca as being another favorite of mine. There was a lot of good work sent in, so I had to really nitpick all of the pieces here and there, how someone built their track, how the layout flowed, the supports (come on, nobody bothered to try to do their supports right? :( ), small details like that- just to pick and choose who went where with my ratings.



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Xpress said:
Though I have to cast SFOGRICH's Alphecca as being another favorite of mine.
Thanks, Xpress! :--D I knew from way back in the day that I'd be in trouble if I were ever up against you in a comp! Congratulations to you and Jer for making the top two entries! Like Antinos said, great job on everybody's part!

I still have trouble working bumps & pumps out of tracks, and CTRL-G isn't quite the magic wand I thought it was. I try to make up for it with creative and original layouts, but I guess that's no substitute for smoothness!


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Ctrl+G is a really nitpicky creature that takes a lot of finesse to get it to work out just right. Typically you can't use segments longer than about 35 feet for it to work right, because it needs a lot of points of reference to work with. It will move the track all around, but the vertices it won't move.

Try using segment lengths of about 35 feet or less (but longer than 15 feet) and use it in conjunction with my patented iSmooth technique ;)


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Wow this was actually my first ever win, I did not expect to beat Xpress actually.


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I actually looked at Flea and immediately knew it was Xpress's work. That was just way too obvious. Without looking at my PM I sent to Ant I'm pretty sure I had Flea and Scirocco ranked the same or pretty darn close, so the results basically parallel my ballot pretty well :)