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Another park that was announced a while ago but is starting to come along now.
The park will be very similar to the one at American Dream in New Jersey but hopefully without all the issues :)

Part of the China Motors mall project in North Chongqing the indoor park will be themed to Nickelodeon and feature several new coasters.
At first glance the concept art looks almost identical to the NJ project but there are key difference.


The park will feature 28 rides themed to various Nick IP's, The park will also have its own stop on the Chongqing monorail.

The Ninja Turtles coaster will be a modified Takabisha layout taking 4 indoor coaster records, 8 Inversions, 43.5 meters (143ft) tall, 63mph and 3451.4ft long. Most importantly its not a Gerst design.
A Spinning coaster will intertwine with the TMNT ride and also it won't be a Gerst design this time.
A smaller launched coaster will also be installed. (judging by the concept art a Half Pipe)
The fourth coaster will be a junior coaster.
An indoor drop tower will be installed with 4 different choices of seat, Sitdown, Sitdown Tilt, Floorless Tilt and Standup Tilt.

The US Group Triple Five behind the NJ project are involved here but I'm unsure in what capacity.
Opening date is expected to be end of 2020 but as this is China lets say 2021 :p

Location is here - https://www.google.com/maps/@29.7961184,106.6643241,449m/data=!3m1!1e3

Satellite image from last month shows it coming along nicely.

News stories
https://cq.ihouse.ifeng.com/news/2019_08_28-52281618_0.shtml?fbclid=IwAR3qunbEIecO9aU6aAy_PU7VFPMy1tYqVV9DzygJvGZepg1Y-VkrGtl4xUA (Newer but in Chinese)
https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/viacom-inks-deal-nickelodeon-indoor-theme-park-china-1129708 (Older but in English)


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If the Takabisha clone isn't a Gerstlauer design then who's manufacturing it? GH?
Although for now it hasnt been officially released whos building the rides. The coasters will be from western manafacturers so don't worry about it being a terrible Golden Horse version at least :)


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Small update on this new Nick Park. Not really any new news just confirmation of what we knew.
Confirmation their main coaster will be taking several of the indoor records from the New Jersey version as mentioned in the first post.

This roller coaster has 4 world records-the highest drop (43.5 meters), the highest number of inversions (8 times), the longest track length (1052 meters), the fastest speed (100km / h), allowing visitors to experience the roller coaster belt At the same time as the ultimate challenge, you can also start a strange journey with the "childhood partner" ninja turtles.
For reference thats about 52m longer and 0.5m taller along with an additional inversion and the same speed.

The park is due to open towards the end of 2020 and will feature the usual selection of Nick IP's such as TMNT, Dora the Explorer and Spongebob. In addition the metro extension to the park is now complete with a station on the monorail line now right at the entrance.

Source - https://www.cqcb.com/wealth/2019-12-16/2041625_pc.html