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New Invert And Wooden coasters


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I haven't uploaded or even made a coaster for a while. But, here are two that I have been working on for a while. One of them is a short but snappy B&M Invert, and the second is a Woodie in a forest.

I was planning on making scenery for both of them, but I have loads of Graphics Coursework to do. About the trim brake on the B&M invert, I needed it because the train was going WAY to fast around the Immelmann and Zero G. No trims on the woodie obviously. By the way, none of the coasters are named because when I try to make a name, it sounds Pathetic.

If you do download it, leave a comment. Because it's fustrating not knowing how to improve.

B&M Invert:


Don't expect too much because I know I will get verbally beaten as soon as you download them :p


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I'm going to delete this thread tommorow because there are no comment, despite people downloading the files.
Well, seeing how this invert is a Newton 2 ride (as well as your woodie), I can say it couldn't be smoother. The support work could be a little improved (by making sure there is no collision with the passengers i.e: support on the left after the barrel roll.) and the drop should be regulated and less squashed to the lift. Aside all that, it was not bad and I'm impressed that support work was well worked on, but lacked certain aspects like I mentioned above. Looks almost like it had influence from Parc Astérix's 2011 B&M invert.

Now for the wooden ride, much better. It's small hills mixed in with large hills reminded me of Leviathan. That said, the drop seemed too steep. I still think this was much more enjoyed than your invert to be honest. The terraforming also added a great touch with the scenery. I say, continue working on rides similar to this, you will end up being superb at it.

My ratings for your rides:

Invert (6/10)
Wood (7.5/10)

Thanks for sharing your work with us!


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The invert needs some fine tuning. The forces on the first drop I can tell were too high in Newton, so you should probably play around with a lot less force. It's really a lot less than you think. Then we get into the ride itself. First of all, you didn't need the trim, the forces in the immelmann and the loop were fine. Secondly, even with the trim, the zero-g-roll was a bit too quick and forceful. I've always found B&M zero-g-rolls to be sort of drawn out, so that they hold the zero-g force for as long as possible. I find that you generally have to play with timewarping to get the banking just right.

Also, because of the trim, a lot of your bankings were off.

The rest of the layout was short and rather un-inspired. That roll thing was odd. I think you were trying to make a wingover, and the only thing I can suggest is to make it one big segment with one banking transition.


The woodie. I was expecting a lot more rather than a layout that felt a lot like steel. It is my opinion that in order to get the right feel and flow of a traditional wooden coaster that you either need to hand build the ride, or use more simple tools, such as HSAK in Elementary. Newton2 adds too much smoothness to it, and you can never get the banking transitions right.

For what it is, it's just okay. Felt somewhat like an out and back ride, and was rather short. Bankings didn't give that tossing sensation that I like to see. Also, those supports showed no effort put into them, so I'm not going to even bother trying to rate them.


Keep at it. Newton is a difficult creature to understand, but once you begin to understand the basics you can really create some awesome rides.


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^About the trim. It did need it. The forces on the loop, immelmann and zero g roll were way too fast, and forces with yellow and sometimes red on the force bar in the sim.


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^The forces you are seeing are acceptable. If you think those forces are unsafe, wait until you learn that Tower Of Terror in Gold Reef City spikes to 6.3g. Vekoma boomerangs spike to 5.2g. And i'm almost positive the GIB's also spike into the 5G range.

Your 5.2g spikes are PERFECTLY acceptable. Don't frett over them. Spikes are fine, all the way up to about 6.4g.

Now I can see about the 0g being a bit quick without the trim, and that's the only reason why I see the need for the trim.