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New Coaster at Wiener Prater


Once this and Euro Coaster are complete, I'm really curious how many switchback elements this park will have in total. It seems so redundant to have 6 wild mouse style coasters in the same park... especially when three have spinning cars. Certainly seems like a unique park however.


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Isn't Wiener Prater kind of like the off-season parking lot for travelling coasters all over central Europe?

Kinda strange, then, that when they finally decide to build something permanent, they build something pretty much like the coasters they've already got multiples of.


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I think it’s difficult to build a big permanent coaster at Wiener Prater since they’re just spaces to rent for the attractions and the rides are operated by different people.

So for me a big Gerstlauer Bobslet in my homepark is quite a big deal :)

At least Wiener Prater does a lot to make the park more appealing in the last 10 Years or so. Back then it was not a place you wanna stay for long tbh.


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I was last in Vienna 8 years ago and while Prater started with new light fixtures and new pavement after dark there were still some very gloomy side walkways were poeple were selling drugs.

At the time I tought it would be best to gate the area and only have 2 or 3 security enforced entry points. But great rides - Schwarze Mamba and Praterturm at night are amazing.


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To be honest, even today I wouldn’t go there alone at night. The Prater is actually a huge Park called “Grüner Prater” (green Prater) and the amusement Park is just a very small part of it so I guess you can’t really avoid some criminality going on at night at public Parks.

There are always people at the amusement park Prater tho, even at night. I’m pretty sure some of the operators live there.