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New Coaster at Pleasurewood Hills?

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Mega Poster
Pleasurewood Hills just posted this Tweet saying:
This season Pleasurewood Hills celebrates 40 years of making memories
Check out our new anniversary logo
News to come soon

So a new coaster on the way? I'd assume it'll just be a kiddie coaster, but that's not going to stop me hoping for something spectacular for my local park!


Giga Poster
Is this rumour purely based on the emoji? There’s nothing else to suggest a coaster in that tweet, and the emoji could simply be in reference to the “new logo”.


Hyper Poster
Yeah, excuse me if I’ve missed something, but what in that tweet makes people think a coaster is coming? They’re just talking about the new logo.


Giga Poster
So something is happening but it seems to be refurbishments and retheming. The first ride to be announced is their Safari ride to get some tlc, with more to follow.


After going for the first time last year the park definitely needs tlc and retheming is great way to improve the park. However along with the retheme a new ride would have been nice.


Mega Poster
At one time, they were looking at adding Gerst trains and creating a building for it to run as an indoor coaster. At the same time they were looking to extend the flume by like 300% 😂

The good old days.

Can also go with Premier Rides


Roller Poster
Really need to head to this park and lose my boomerang virginity at some point. I know I'm not missing anything but it still bothers me that I've not ridden one. As it stands I just don't think it's worth the effort though. The park looks a bit... depressing.
I thought it was ok for what it was, the kids loved it too. I wouldn't make a long trip just for it though, go if you're in the area and are doing some other things as well. We were staying in Great Yarmouth so it fit in well