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Nemesis VS Black Mamba

Which one looks better?

  • Nemesis

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  • Black Mamba

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Dragonlove said:
Black Mamba would be ther perfect ride if it wasnt that bloody sand castle.....
Thats what I thought too. But when you see it in real life, it really works so well with the rest of the themeing. The themeing is everywhere. On the lift and even the breakrun. You have to leave Deep in Africa completly to notice you actualy are still in wonderful germany.


Mamba looks fantastic, great themeing, top notch layout, but for me nemesis still pips it, but i am a nemmy fan, so my opinion is biased ! ( is that how you spell that )


Iv only ridden. Nemesis is more unique with its first drop and it doesnt go into a loop then a zero g roll istead an amazing corkscrew and a wicked really fast helix. And i hate the fact black mamba was filled with sound to take away the roar which is what i love about nemesis. I really still want to ride black mamba the station looks so cool with the doors and everything. I dont know will i go on holidays to phantasialand next year to ride this or port aventura where iv been 4 times already and ride their new coaster. And the newer b+m inverters are suppose to be to forcless

Rich Bacon

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As much as I hate to say this I prefer Black Mamba (hides head in shame and apologises to Nemesis). It just has a longer layout and interacts more with the scenery than Nemesis does. The video on youtube looks amazing and the helixs at the end last forever.


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Which one LOOKS better?

Right now?

Like.... right this very moment?

Black Mamba. It's new. Duuhhh~

But seriously.

I would have loved to see Nemesis a few years into her life, when she had aged enough so that the theme was emphasised by a slightly grubby body but not destoyed by vandalism. When her queue line stretched around her layout properly and you could get in and under her, like Wardly intended.

But those days are gone and even on my first Alton visit, Nemesis was not her best. Queue line is now ruined, you can't get around Nemesis like you could back in her erly days, her recent paint job is shoddy and she's just not looking her best, at all.

Black Mamba's concept art made me droooool. Unfortunetly, from videos she doesn't live up to my expectations. Oh what a suprise. Being realistic, though, i knew she wouldn't. Black Mamba's layout looks (as in visually) dull to me. It's not got the tangled ruthlessness Nemesis' layout gives in appearance. That doesn't mean it's layout IS dull. I thought G-Force looked like a stunningly vibrant mangle of liquorice and it would be great fun. I was very, very wrong. It's like lame, only with one of those gross glazed cherries on top. But G-Force is still a visually interesting layout. Fortunetly, though, to me, Nemesis' layout is in practise just as interesting and i still struggle to memorise it on ride.

I'm looking forward to seeing Black Mamba once the foliage has grown out a bit. That is going to do it the world of good. It's jungle themed, after all. It's amazing what Inferno's foliage does to enhance it's visuals, and with a ride so firmly based on that look like Black Mamba - it's going to be even more important.

Nemesis is balancing the legend on it's sholders. A reason for fanboys to say it's better. Nothing is ever going to take what Nemesis means to a lot of people, me included, away... Nothing. not even an uuber sexy black invert in Germany.

...But i won't delude myself. Mamba' does LOOK better.


i have riden both coasters now and i think that Black mamba is just a bit better as nemmisis

in my opinion Black mamba has just some more thrils than nemmisis