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Music? Should it always be played loud?

Loud music, or Quiet?

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Mr Nash

Hyper Poster
It's got to be loud especially on hot summer days,throw open the windows and let the people in the next street hear what your listening to.Even with headphones i have to turn the volume right up,on several occasions i've had that ringing in the ears sensation after listening to loud music.


Roller Poster
Music should be played VERY loud, especially if its dance music, R&B or drum&bass. Just turn up the bass and let the house shake!

Unless its indie-rock poo, in which case it should just be muted lol.



Mega Poster
Hahaha, classic rock.

Music can be listened to loud in moderation. Yeah, it sounds better loud, but loud through **** speakers is awful.

If you listen to music too loudly too often, and most of you probably will, you begin to lose the high end from your hearing. That will suck later in life.